2010 Photos: Butterflies


  1. What is the black and blue one? I have had that particular butterfly visit me and sit on my shoe for awhile.

    Gorgeous shots!

  2. To answer Rosey's question, the large black swallowtail is a pipeline swallowtail. I took the picture in La Grange, TX about an hour from Austin. We have a smaller species here in Colorado that we sometimes call the spice swallowtail, probably because it lays its eggs on Dill Weed. They also like to nibble on zinnas. Plant some of both to see if you can attract them to your yard.

  3. Ann,

    You do not have any Pipevine Swallowtails here. The upper photo from TX is a female dark form Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, your Western Tiger swallowtails BTW do not have a dark form. The other swallowtail is a femle Black Swallowtail.

    The yellow tiger swallowtail I CAN NOT TELL WHICH IT IS WITHOUT A LOCATION. In your area you could have two-tailed or western, in TX it would be an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

  4. The yellow tiger swallow tail was taken in the same yard as the Black Swallowtail in La Grange, TX, so it is and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. The different species are very hard to identify unless you know your butterflies. Thanks for you correction, Randy.


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