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On a Clear Day

Where did June go? Were I still teaching--as teachers measure time, especially summer break--I would begin to feel the pressure to start planning for fall classes after the 4th, but now retired five years the days, weeks, even months blend together almost seamlessly. Still it seems downhill until the school bells begin to toll.

Has your summer been odd this year? Certainly here in the western states the season has been off with unseasonably cold temperatures and more moisture, making everything from gardens to corn fields behind by about three weeks. Generally farmers want to see their corn knee high by July 4th, but this year it is half that height.

There are benefits to cooler, wetter temperatures. Flowers enjoy the gentler environment, seeming to flourish and grow a bit stronger.

New faces bloom in July garden scape:
I think the bell shaped clematis is Duchess of Albany. If you find this one at your garden center, buy it for I've not see one since I bought this one. She is pro…