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Blink and Wait

I know, an odd title, but I couldn't decide between "Blink and They are Gone" or "Still Waiting." Either title would do to aptly describe the post. What do you think?

Most of the time, when I leave the house, I go through the garage to get into the car, or I go out the back door, so I almost missed the crocus. If you blink, they will be gone because they don't last long. Actually I think they are rather late this year. In a discussion with my horticulturist/tree hugger (or more appropriately, arborist daughter), we were talking about how late Spring is and how cold it has been. She mentioned that for Denver the forsythia usually have bloomed by the first of March and now they are month behind, so I suppose we can expect everything else to be behind, too.

The coccus are coming up amid the dianthus, but I think the pinks have winter killed this year. I always enjoyed their spot of pink amid the roses. They were good companions.

Yes. The snow shovel is still …

Spring Break

Spring Break goes on for weeks here at the Garden Spot. Two weeks ago, it was the University's break, so although I only go there for two hours on Wednesday to tutor, I had that morning free. Last week, the granddaughters were on break, but Mom kept them very busy, so they came over for just one day, and this week, the grandsons are here for their break. Sixteen year old Jacob will go home Wednesday while Nathan wants to stay the whole time, which is great.

This morning the boys went with the Head Gardener to have coffee with the old guys, and I suppose shopping at some sporting goods store. Each boy will fix a supper. Tonight Nathan will make pizza, so we will go to the grocery and get his ingredients and tomorrow Jacob will make meatloaf. I will have them do the entire process: plan, shop, prepare, and clean-up.

Meanwhile, Spring is upon us, and talk about coming in like lion is most certainly understated. Last week I wrote about the terrible blizzard that still has Nebraska in …

Cyclone Bomb? Really?

We are beginning to see signs of spring here at the Garden Spot, but we have had to walk through fire snow, before the Season Makers deemed that was time to bring us out of a grim winter.  Briefly to recap winter: dry, dull, drought. Then last week word began to spread that a Bad Stormwas on it ways. By mid afternoon Tuesday, the TV crawlers were announcing school closures all along the Front Range. School children and parents were checking their school's web sites for office confirmation. Common Sense coupled with past experience made most of Colorado wonder if the weather predictions were much ado about nothing, since we have seen similar grave predictions over the years with the storm fizzing out or never arriving, but no so this time. They called the weather  phenomena a Cyclone Bomb or Weather Bomb, apparently now an official weather term. (You can read more here on Wikipedia)

Here in Northern Colorado we had the wind that blew the snow that caused snow drifts that cause hig…

A Frosty Return

I can't believe that it has been so long since I last posted. No. I have fallen off the face of the earth or fallen at all, unlike two of my dear friends who suffered very bad breaks this winter. I have been lucky and I have been keeping myself inside because of the ice and snow. I know. I know. I need to get to out and get fresh air; however, I have fallen victim to ice once before and broke my own ankle. No thanks to a repeat.

We are thawing out quite nicely. March, however, in Colorado is our wettest month and here on the plains we certainly need the moisture. Perhaps if you have been watching the evening national news you will see that our mountains have been besieged with avalanches, with many feet of snow falling in the mountains, but on the plains, we are praying for moisture.

As I searched my photo library to see what I could had for a blog post, well, there just isn't much since the last time. So this what I've got:

The weather lady called the heavy frosting that…