Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Town

Welcome to My Town: a peaceful turn of the 20th century village where life is quiet and simple in an era before automobiles and traffic lights; before cell phones, texting, and tweeting; before political correctness that demands generic holiday greetings and city fathers who issue edicts that proclaim a ban on Christmas traditions. A pretty little town where Christmas trees sparkle and glow with a thousand lights spreading peace, love and joy. 

 A nice little village. . .

 Where neighbors help each other out, wave "hello" to passing strangers, and shop at the local merchants instead of the big super store down the road.

A safe place where the children can spend the afternoon skating on the pond in the woods, their laughter ringing in the icy, cold air.

An inviting little village where the newlyweds will settle down to raise their family

Where the Nativity can be displayed in the city center without worry over a pending court case

Where the Christmas Carolers can sing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful",  filling the park with happiness and joy.

Where a Christmas Tree is a Christmas Tree that delights the hearts of all.

A friendly little village where every Christmas is a white Christmas, where the holiday cheer is sincere, where the Baby Jesus remains King, where warm hearts are kind and full of the Christmas spirit.

This is My Town where we proudly proclaim Joy to the World, Peace on Earth, and Good Will to All.

May this blessed holiday season bring you Joy, Peace, and Love as you celebrate a 

Merry Christmas 
and a
Happy Hanukkah 

Noel. Noel


  1. Beautiful, Ann!
    I want to live in that little town! I'm going to link to this pretty post for Pause in Advent. I hope that's okay?
    Hang in there, super paper grader!

  2. Hello there, I hopped over from Pom Pom's blog. What a beautiful post, thank you. Your descriptions were very soothing. xx

  3. A very resounding "Amen" to your words, Ann. I don't think the P.C. and Thought Police have taken over our internet...yet.

    This is a PERFECT post! Your town is charming and so sweet, Ann. It reminds me of "It's a Wonderful Life." Thank you for your words that really speak to me this Christmas season.

    I'm so sorry I haven't visited lately. Well, actually I've visited; I just haven't left comments like I should. Always in a rush, which is not the reason I began blogging. My Dickens Village is up this year, too. I'd love for you to stop by if you have a chance. I know you and I both loved visiting England. :)

    I'll definitely be back to look at this peaceful scene again in the coming days. Merry Christmas, Ann.



  4. Awe, I love it Ann. My mother gave me two of her Department 56 houses that I display. Yours looks so pretty all lit up.

  5. Your little village is adorable and inviting. When we live in a country that puts up Christmas displays in stores before Halloween, it's difficult for me to feel the outrage that you seem to about the war on Christmas. I just don't see a war on Christmas. Seems to me that as a nation we fully embrace Christmas while occasionally asking ourselves to pause a minute check ourselves to be fair to those who may not celebrate this particular holiday. We are all for trumpeting our founding on religious freedom as long as that religion is ours. My town has yet to put up a display to celebrate Ramadan but the nativity scene has been up on the courthouse square since the beginning of November. I love that nativity scene but I also welcome the discussion that sometimes arises about its appropriateness. To question religion, only strengthens its resolve; it's not necessarily a threat. Perhaps,it's time to put away the rhetoric that inflames and focus on the peace trumpeted by the baby who lay in the manger.

    1. Susan, I am not outraged about what you call a war on Christmas; I am only nostalgic.

    2. Ann, I totally felt your nostalgic feelings coming through and your description of the village's activities to be celebrating the peace, joy, and love of the people living there. Lovely post.

  6. What a lovely little Christmas scene - shame real life can't be as perfect.

  7. What a perfect village....if only...!

  8. Beautiful perfection. It makes me long for my childhood when Christmas was Christmas, and all was good in the world.


  9. Hi Ann, that is just the kind of town I think we all dream of living in!! I know I do. It reminds me of my childhood town in Kentucky where about 500 people or less lived and we could play outside without fear all over the little town. You have arranged "your town" so artistically. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Your Christmas village is so festive looking. A lovely display.

  11. Beautiful description of the village's activities and life and it sounds so peaceful! I think this is again a great post.

  12. What a beautiful little village Ann - one I'm sure we'd all wished we lived in especially after the terrible events in the last 36 hours.

  13. A lovely town. Does it grow a wee bit each year? Magical that it appears once a year--rather like Brigadoon.

  14. And a charming village it is! Wouldn't life be nice if it was still like that? Merry Christmas!


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