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Posies to Ponies

The early morning sunlight filters through the trees, the dew sparkles on the newly mowed lawn, and robins announce the new day. 
The heat is on. 
With June now spent, the plains of Northern Colorado are heating with the occasional thunder storm to wash away the dust and cool things down. Today we will hit 90 by 3 PM followed by a thunderstorm, according to iPhone weather app, but one never knows as the weather patterns change. The gardening plan then is to get out early to get the chores done and find some pesky weeds to decimate before they ruin the flower beds.  I've been down for a week with gout in my right knee. Still able to walk, the worst part was bending the knee, making sitting and getting up painful and nearly impossible, so I've lost an entire week, and there is much to do.
June's rains helped the summer bloomers to thrive. When it is so bloody hot, we can't keep up with the watering, so the rain gives everything a good start.  From bright orange of the Red…

As Storm Clouds Gather

Another busy week at the Garden Spot. Our first party for the summer will be Saturday as we host a picnic to honor my dear friends at UNC who unceremoniously had their contracts terminated. Those of us who are retired and had worked with them for years felt the sting of the unfair terminations, so we decided to celebrate our friendship and honor them in a way that only friends can do: with love and appreciation.

Anytime we have a garden party, we want the garden to look spectacular! Everything is very late this year. The roses are just beginning first flush, and I do enjoy them. The water lilies are really behind thus not providing much over for the fish. Mr. Blue Heron continues to visit and does his flyovers. Brady sees him, and will certainly run him off. My mom always said that peonies should be ready by Memorial Day, mind usually bloom the week after; they are just beginning to bloom. The columbine will finish up and have put on quite a show this year. They will be past prime by…

Spring Blooms

I really goofed last week. Somehow I managed to delete my post. I hope I do better this week.

The garden is beginning to wake up after a cold, brutal spring. It is always such a pleasure to see old friends return to the garden. Like the aquilegia, often called Granny's Bonnet, or here in Colorado, Columbine. This one, is a favorite, as it resembles the wild ones that grow in the Rocky Mountains in the aspen tree groves, much like ours in the center garden. Here in the garden, however, we have no idea what color will bloom each year. They self seed, so we have a nice wild variety every spring. I do wish that they would stick around longer, but it gets too hot for them.

The pink columbine is new this year. I love the pink. She is just so soft and romantic.

Just around the bend from the columbine you will find the hostas. Take a really look because they while they are beautiful, even a gentle hail storm will rip their wide leaves to shred and they won't be able to recover.

The gi…