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A Twice Told Tale

Sometimes we like twice told tales--our favorite fairy tales, maybe; sometimes we get bored with the repletion of the same old story--reruns of Big Bang Theory, maybe, so after blogging since 2009, nearly ten years--yeah, I know I can't believe that it has been that long either--anyway, sometimes it is hard to find new and fresh ideas to write about. At the same time there is some comfort that life cycles around and not much changes, that the good things continue and the bad moments are only momentary.

I am not sure exactly where to begin maybe just a chronology of the last week.

Snow the middle of May! We sort of expect it in the high mountain ranges, but out here on the plains?  Well, yes. Rare, but not out of the ordinary and the weather lady says we could get more snow next week. Pleeeease! No!

While the snow brings much needed moisture, it does damage plants, especially trees and this one little tree here, suffered badly. My Miss Kim Lilac in the front court yard was looking…

A Really Big Bird

This time of year not only are the spring bulbs glorious, but we begin looking birds just passing through as they migrate from Mexico to Canada. Seldom do most stay all summer. Here are the his spring's visitors. The crab apples are beginning to bloom, at least three weeks late. Daffodils and tulips make good companions. I've planted several varieties, so they are fun to watch them bloom. 

 The Spotted towhee, a ground feeder likes to dig in the leaves and grass looking grubs and bugs. We seldom see them here, so his visit is a real treat. We hope he stays, but he won't.

Here he is in the tree. I was hoping that he would go the bird bath by the patio, but he flew off.

 A consistent visitor to the Garden Spot each summer are the orioles that come in Mid May and stay all summer feasting the grape jelly that we put in their feeders. One male comes, then another and then the females. Right now we have two pairs. The males call to to each other letting them know that the jelly…

Road Trip

My husband belongs to a national organization, Pope and Young, that supports archery hunting. Every two years they have their gathering, meeting in various cities around the country. This year the meeting was in Omaha, Nebraska, a nice day's drive from here. We left at 5:53 AM just a bit before dawn. Omaha was just the beginning. 

We loaded our luggage in his F 350 Ford pickup and headed toward the Sun.
I agreed to go for two reasons: the keynote speaker would be Donald Trump, Jr. It is not very often that we have the opportunity or the desire to attend political events. Especially rare is to see such a high profile, controversial speaker. I knew that Trump, Jr. was a sportsman, so yes, I was curious.

Briefly, he spoke about how as a child growing in NY city and wealthy he became a sportsman, enjoying hunting and fishing and the out of doors. His main message had two main points: conservation and preservation of the outdoors and wildlife and getting children outside into the wood…