Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A White Christmas

So how has your Christmas been? Grand and glorious, I hope, as was Christmas at the Gardenspot. A house full of children, laughter, and good cheer. Gifts and food, noise, and hugs. One of the best times of the year. We gather as a family on Christmas Eve to celebrate not just Christmas, but our youngest daughter's birthday too. For 30 some years we have had the celebration. Our spirit of the holiday was sparked even more as it began to snow--a white Christmas, rare, really, for this part of Colorado. The news guy said in the last 100 years, only 13 white Christmases. And today, brutal cold.

Not a lot of snow, but snow non-the-less.

 Jen made the little eggs for the bird feeders in the family.

Hubby's dad spent the night with us, so we took him home today, a trip that included stops at two nursing homes. First we stopped to see hubby's mom who today was non responsive. We found her in the dinning room in the Alzheimer's unit sound asleep in her wheel chair at the dinner table, unable or unwilling to wake up and acknowledge us.  Next we stopped to see Sr.'s friend Ester in her care facility. She has had a stroke and serious surgery. She is now recovering, looking forward to going home soon. We had lunch with her.  
And now it is time to relax. No more shopping, no more baking, cooking, or frantic cleaning. Just resting and relaxing until school begins again January 14. Soon, though, our thoughts will turn to gardening. The catalogs will come in the mail and we will pine away the hours looking at the new cultivars and new plant sensations, anxious for Spring to come. Until then, dear friends we will keep each other company sharing our gardening plans for '13.

I've had another great year in Blog Land making new friends and learning so much from reading everyone's posts. I have visited some great places, seen fantastic photos, and had great conversations you all. And so I am looking forward to yet another year. Together we'll make a great gardening team. Cheers.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Warm Wishes

The decorations are all up,
the food has been prepared

The tree is trimmed, and the gifts wrapped.

I think I am ready. 

Merry Christmas and have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Town

Welcome to My Town: a peaceful turn of the 20th century village where life is quiet and simple in an era before automobiles and traffic lights; before cell phones, texting, and tweeting; before political correctness that demands generic holiday greetings and city fathers who issue edicts that proclaim a ban on Christmas traditions. A pretty little town where Christmas trees sparkle and glow with a thousand lights spreading peace, love and joy. 

 A nice little village. . .

 Where neighbors help each other out, wave "hello" to passing strangers, and shop at the local merchants instead of the big super store down the road.

A safe place where the children can spend the afternoon skating on the pond in the woods, their laughter ringing in the icy, cold air.

An inviting little village where the newlyweds will settle down to raise their family

Where the Nativity can be displayed in the city center without worry over a pending court case

Where the Christmas Carolers can sing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful",  filling the park with happiness and joy.

Where a Christmas Tree is a Christmas Tree that delights the hearts of all.

A friendly little village where every Christmas is a white Christmas, where the holiday cheer is sincere, where the Baby Jesus remains King, where warm hearts are kind and full of the Christmas spirit.

This is My Town where we proudly proclaim Joy to the World, Peace on Earth, and Good Will to All.

May this blessed holiday season bring you Joy, Peace, and Love as you celebrate a 

Merry Christmas 
and a
Happy Hanukkah 

Noel. Noel

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