Monday, April 29, 2019

Not Every Thing Looks Good in White

I have been neglecting my blog lately. Needing to take a break, I suppose, because I seem to after nine years + to repeat, since life is cyclical. Tonight I do have new images and new stories to tell, but first our weather report: Not Everything Looks Good in White.

Spring just cannot seem to settle in. Just as the daffodils are at their pinnacle and the tulips along the driveway are beginning to show off, Spring seems to think that everything needs wear a bit of white. I am wondering if the tender lilac buds forming on Miss Kim, the Korean lilac in the courtyard, will freeze. It's 32 right now. I am losing hope.

I'll keep my post short tonight because I want to meet the deadline for Mosaic Monday, so check in a few days for my BIG POST about our great road trip to Michigan. Lots of pictures and good stories. Join me in a few days. Until then meet me over at Angie's for Mosaic Monday. 

PS I am now on Instagram. Join me there, too: annrasmussen72

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