Sunday, March 7, 2021

Just a Hint of Spring with a Dose of Cuteness

It's not safe to say that Winter has made his exit. He's still hanging around waiting to surprise us. We know the routine: freezing cold followed with a few days of Spring-like weather, teasing a warm up followed by more cold with some snow just show us who's the boss. We are in that cycle now. Today it is very warm, but there are threats of cold weather returning--please just bring some moisture.

Pop may be enjoying the warm sun during his afternoon nap, but he really isn't doing the best. He's not liking his feed, preferring the pasture feed. We are doing all we can, but he's got his own way.

The extreme cold weather caused other problems. The components on the horse tank froze and caused a flood before we discovered it, which I must say pales in comparison to what Texans are going through.

This one of our Black Jersey Giants, or should I say the remaining one. So is she green or is she black? Well, both, I'd say. 

While we cuddled and admired her, the other ladies escaped. They loved scratching in the freshly tilled soil.

Callie, the barn cat, has two more babies. I didn't get an appointment to have her fixed over the winter, so that is on the list for this week to make an appointment. The granddaughters may take this little gray-black kitty. I think they have bonded.

I'm not sure just how cute turtles are, but they are interesting to watch. Just to get out of the house for a spell, we visited two of our garden centers. The Head Gardener was looking for onion sets, but we were about two weeks early, so we watched turtles at the one nursery. As the HG walked around their habituate, I know they were watching him as they 'sunned' themselves underneath the heat lamp. 

And that's life at the Garden Spot this week. 

I hope you had a good week. See you next time 
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