Monday, August 14, 2017

Fair Time

August is the month of agricultural celebrations where farmers and growers, bakers, and makers of things display their hard work. The crowds come from all around to step back in time to the ways things used to be and get a glimpse of the present.

The first weekend in August is always the busy one with two celebrations: The Ault Fall Festival and and Lucy's birthday.

Behind the scenes where the parade participants gather before the parade in the parking lot behind the high school. Grandson Nathan and his little friend love riding on the float for Ault Historical Museum.

The Head Gardener revs up his vintage tractor to pull the float.

Nathan and his friend and mom Heather waving to the crowd.

The festival always has a display of vintage machines. I had to photograph the old Maytag wringer washer. My mom used one for many years and when I rented my apartment in college my landlady let me use her wringer washer that sat next to her automatic washer. Here, now, is my new Maytag. I am so thankful that I don't have to go back to the good old days. 

At the end of the parade, we walked around, came home, had some lunch, then it was time to party with Lucy to celebrate her 9th birthday with a beachy theme. She looks more like a California surfer girl, doesn't she?

The same day,  Mom is at the country fair with Elinore and her pet rabbit, Peter, participating in the 4-H fair. Peter seems relaxed amid all of the action of the fair.

Peter is an old rabbit, one that has surpassed his expected age. He lives in Ellie's bedroom and is a pampered bunny. She is now ten and has had Peter since she was two. In his first competition, he was judged on rabbit qualities, he scored rather low, 9th out of 10. Not too bad, considering that he was old. I loved what the Judge kindly said to Elinore: "He is old, but nice and past his prime."  I had to laugh and answered, "Much like grandma. Old but nice, and past her prime."

Instead of entering 4-H competition, Lucy entered her photograph in the open competition in the county fair. She used my Canon Rebel with the 75mm-300mm telephoto to take the photo of Sundance and the wild rabbit above her.  As we strolled around and looked at the photos and wondering why certain photos won the ribbons and others didn't, a lady who heard our conversation joined in, explaining that she had watched the judging.  She told Lucy that the Judge really liked the photo of Sundance and it might have placed had it not been out of focus just a bit.

The fairs also have home arts competitions. This display caught me quite by surprise, the tea tables.

This one was the juvenile winner

And the senior grand champion.

Meanwhile back in the rabbit barn, Elinore is doing the required housekeeping to keep her area clean.

The midway, or carnival, is the best fun. I took the younger sisters out to the midway to ride a couple of rides. The merry-go-round first. Didn't get photos because I stood with the girls on the ride.

Lily takes a nice drive

while Lucy flies high.

Finally, Ellie's showmanship competition, the last of 50 exhibitors. Here the young 4-H-er is judged on her knowledge of rabbits and how well she handles the rabbit. This was her first competition, so she didn't quite know what to expect, so didn't place. She is looking forward to next year and shopping for younger rabbits. Nice and younger rabbits in their prime.

Dare I show the biggest eye sore of the Garden Spot?  That piece of real estate in the front to the house. We cleared out the dead bushes in the early summer and then let it go to weeds--not on purpose. Yesterday we finally came up with a plan. Mow the weeds, spray the weeds, till the weeds under and replace all with sod. We decided to reduce the 10 foot wide space to a 4 foot wide space, reasoning that grass is easier to maintain than garden. I am waiting for the tiger lilies to fade then I will transplant them.

And thus ends another week at the Garden Spot. Today we are taking nice drive to Estes Park, to the mountains for a bit of lunch and shopping--or looking. I love for you to join us in the Colorado Rockies. I'll take photos. 

Have a fabulous week. 

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