Thursday, August 19, 2010

In the Beginning

I have just entered the blogging genera. I am sure that it will take me a while to get things figured out. I have been inspired by the wonderful garden blogs that I discovered while researching the care and feeding of captured toads for my 7 year old grandson. The toad photo popped up in Robin's Nesting Place. I was so impressed with her photography and her narrative that I decided that I must start a blog as well. Then I begin exploring the blogs that she follows, and I was hooked. Still concerned with privacy issues in the blog, I decided anyway to migrate from Face Book to a blog where I can really do some good writing. I teach college freshmen English: basic composition, college research paper, and intro to literature. I teach writing; therefore, I should write, but I have needed an audience. So here I am.

Hoping to write about gardening and life in Northern Colorado, I will also be able to share my garden photography. I have seen many wonderful blogs that serve as role models and examples for me to emulate. I am excited about this new adventure. Now I need an audience.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to Blotanical! You've made a lovely start. I'll visit again!