Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Project: Water Garden

Early last spring Fer at My Little Garden in Japan asked what projects we had planned for the coming season. I had quite a list and at the top of the list were two water features. At our old house, we had a 750 gallon pond where gold fish thrived, reproduced, and lived happily. We also had a nice collection of water lilies. In the front yard on a burm we had another very small pre-formed water feature in a garden shaded with aspen trees. Because the sound of water attracts bird, we always had a great variety of birds coming to drink and take little baths, including migrating birds that were passing through Colorado. I have missed my water gardens. So, Saturday hubby installed the first water feature in the court yard to the front entry of the house. We bought the pre-formed tub last year, he had a pump on hand, and I since I brought my water lilies with me, I had one to put in the new little pond.

A clean slate

Careful Measurement

Does it fit yet?

A good start

A lot of digging and then shaving away a bit at a time.

Making sure the tub is level.

Adding a mound for the water fall.

Raking the mound smooth

Wow.  We now have the sound of water in the yard again. I have missed my little water gardens. 

One water lily rescued from the horse tank. We divided them earlier in the summer and this one has been blooming nicely.
A nice start. Later we added a miniature cattail and 2 water hyacinths.  Next we need to add a few oxygenating plants and then we will be ready for fish.  My gold fish have gone to live next door in the neighbor's pond. I had about 30 gold fish, so I will bring 3 or 4 home in a few days. Now we have the landscaping to figure out. I'd like some sort of shade tree because the house faces west and the afternoon sun is just plain hot. 
Adding a bit of bling.
Hubby's reward: apple pie. 

Do you see a face? A grumpy face? He loved it, said it was best apple pie that I have ever made. Truth is I only make one  each summer, so of course it was good.
One water feature in, another to go. The next one will be quite a project. We haven't decided where we want to put it yet. It will be about a 1,000 gallons, but we probably won't start it until next summer.  And it will probably require more than one apple pie.


  1. Oh! That's really nice; the water feature, the water lily, the hubby and the apple pie!

    Leaves would drop into the pond. How would you take care of that?

  2. Momma- it looks fab!! And sweet of you to make daddy a pie. He deserved it. When we do the large pond I will be on hand to help.

    As for leaves in the pond. I cover mine and the waterfall with burlap. But I do winterize mine as I am guessing you will this one? Probably not large enough to keep year round. Even if you do keep it going the. You can still do burlap until all the leaves have fallen, then remove it. I shall work on some tree suggestions for you.

  3. Oh- you need some moaa rocks around and make sure daddy compact the berm area because it will settle and then it may be too flat. Then add more soil.

  4. Looks like hard work, but I'm sure it will be worth it :) Love water lilies

  5. He really did a great job - I like how precise he was with the digging.

  6. Wonderful...I would love to have a water garden. You make it look so easy. The pie looks yummy!

  7. Oh Ann it looks wonderful,
    I love the sound of running water i find it so soothing and your grandson is so funny,could you pop him on a plane and tell him a 40 year old lady needs a hand across the road ;-)
    Love Kristina xxx

  8. It look so lovely already with that water lily! Wonderful to gave a water garden! I'm envious! I'd love one but think my 2 year old would love it too...

  9. I love the sound of water and as you stated, so does wildlife, the sound is so relaxing and soothing. Glad that you and hubby are able to experience it again.

    Mmmm...that apple pie looks delicious!

  10. The pond is lovely, but I'll take the apple pie! It looks wonderful!