Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Picking Time

At our old house, our neighbor on the other side of the fence had a sorry looking apple tree that he threatened to cut down. It was sizable tree with heavy branches that hung low on our side of the fence and leaned heavily on the 6 ft wooden privacy fence. Some years he would spray the tree for worms, other years not. I'd joke with him telling him that the tree knew which neighbor loved it more when he complained that the tree didn't seem to produce many apples on his side of the fence while on our side of the fence the apples seem grow to maturity. Our dogs, a german short hair Ginger and a golden retriever Chestnut loved the apples. Ginger especially became quite adept at jumping on hind legs to retrieve her own late afternoon snacks. Those lovely ladies have long passed and we have moved.

Here at the Garden Spot we have a lovely mature Red Delicious apple tree, so we picked apples this week.

Sundance is a creature of opportunity. He is already smacking his lips waiting for his handout. Perhaps this explains why the branches that hang over the coral fence didn't seem to bare fruit--or perhaps they did have fruit.

Picture perfect.

 On one side any way. The apples tended to be a bit wormy since we didn't spray. Next year will spray. What the worms didn't get, the birds did. There were a few perfect apples left. I need to figure out how to keep the birds out of the apple tree. I don't have enough wedding tulle to cover it like I did the little cherry tree.

As a kid on my dad's little acreage, it was my job to pick the apples--only the wind falls, mind you--, cook them up and  ream them making apple sauce to freeze. I had a horse that I loved ride everyday, but before I could go for a ride, I had to make a batch of apple sauce. As much of a chore that it was, in the cold of winter there was nothing better that apple sauce. I never could decide if I liked it better steaming hot or frozen cold.

Here is a nice specimen. Nearly perfect.

Guess who gets this one?

Even Max had to have an apple.

Of course the horse is NOT spoiled.

It was nice to pass up the apples in the grocery store yesterday. While these have to be carefully sliced to trim around the worm inside, there is nothing better than an apple right off of the tree. We are expecting our first freeze any night now. The last of the tomatoes and peppers have been picked, so it is time to let this garden go. I picked the last of the roses too. I couldn't bear to let Jack Frost ruin them. 

Week 8 of school. Mid-terms. Students are cranky and tired; I am just getting my second wind.

You all have a great week.


  1. It is very much the apple season here too and we have a good crop on our trees. I've posted a recipe for Apple cake today.

  2. I am not a great raw apple eater but yours look lovely and I love apple pies and crumble and apple sauce with pork or chicken!!! One of our neighbours had some wonderful cooking apples on a tree last year and we were all given lots to use, but they wanted to sell the house so this year they had it all chopped down. :-((

    We have another lovely day here, a little windy but sunny. Hopefully Autumn is putting off coming in full for a while yet!!

    Have a good week. Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  3. So rewarding! Great some of your apples survived the pests. Its been so rainy here I haven't had a chance to get a photo of my pot grown apple tree for you to have a look at (its not too pretty). Love the last photo of your horse in the background. The flower photos from your last post are really fab, always inspirational to walk around other gardens. Kelli.

  4. Hi Ann
    Thank you for your and probably also your husband's wise comments on my blog!
    It is good to read that someone can talk sense in such a case.
    Here in Norway, we must have passed the hunting test for large animals, to get a lisence and to shoot moose(we also have to passed a hunting test for small animals and for large birds such as large birds such as capercaillie and black grouse, the ptarmigan is purhaps most popular in this country.
    It is only allowed to hunt moose from 20 September to 15 October, and the hunting rules on how to treat animals are very strict, and each hunting team is only allowed to hunt a certain number ore kilo of moose.
    Thanks for your honor and respect for the wildlife!
    Your apples look so delicious!

  5. Love this post, especially that last shot! There are two apple orchards nearby, plus the farmer's market, so we don't grow our own. I don't want to tempt the deer into my garden!

  6. LOVE the perspective of your pictures... delightful! We owned a 5 acre apple orchard during my growing up years... your post brings back happy memories.

  7. How fortunate for you to have access to this tree. They look like tasty apples, even with the worms. I love fresh apples in the fall, nothing compares.

  8. You have some really cute shots here. Love the twist in your story. The last capture of Sundance is fabulous!