Monday, December 19, 2011

Glad Tidings

The Christmas celebrations are in full swing. I would like to say that I have all of shopping done, but I don't. I would like to say that I have all the gifts thus far purchased wrapped, but I don't. I would like to say that I have all the baking done, but I don't.

But the tree is decorated and the house is in order.

Snow Man Pillows: Courtesy of Kohls. 

The Barbies have come out to dance the Nutcracker and show off their holiday fashions and give Santa a helping hand.

The children anxiously await a special visit.


Santa's Helpers. (always one has to make a make a goofy face)

Merry Christmas to One and to All.

Mo. One of my helpers.

 County. Helper # 2. Cats love boxes and containers, don't they.

Lucy is my little baker. She takes baking very seriously.

Perfect little Christmas Trees.

Part of the audience at the Christmas Program. Mom Jennifer chaperons.

Angels in the making: dip ice cream cones in melted white chocolate. Chips work great. Cool in fridge. Make heads out of almond marzipan.

 Halos: vanilla waffers dipped in white chocolate. A bit of white chocolate to glue on to the body. I let it dry a bit before glueing the halo in place. A bit tricky to get it stick, though.

  Wings: pretzels. I hand dipped these this year, but you get nicer ones if you buy them already dipped.

I am not an artist, but I used black icing gel to pain the faces.

Hair: dyed coconut. The silver dragees are edible, but not sold in California. You can find the complete instructions for these little angels by going to and searching cone angels on Sandra Lee's page. 

 Finally, the new oven. Bakes very evenly 

Little Angels ready to go.

With the Santa party over, the grandkids gone home, I am resting today. I will wrap packages and just hang out to gather speed for the next gathering Christmas Eve. The grandkids will return. It is Jen's birthday, too, so it is a big party.

A Merry Christmas to all.

May your holidays be blessed with good cheer, joy, and peace. 



  1. Oh Ann what a beautiful post,
    I want Santa to come to my house,i would love a little Granddaughter like Lucy and i want to take a little angel home too,you made it so special for the children and you have made beautiful Christmas memories.
    I read on another blog that flocked trees are $300 across the sea mine was just less than £50 and the real ones here are £90 this year.
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones xxx

  2. Aaahh! I just enjoyed your post. Your new stove looks fabulous, the cookie angles are cute and so are the grandkids.... But Mo peeking through the cardboard took the cake! LOl!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.

  3. The husband always played Santa for the nieces and nephews and they loved it, as I'm sure your grands did! I love your angels- they are adorable. Your tree and the rest of the house look very ready for Christmas! How's the weather in Colorado this year? I'm originally from northern NM and Dec. was always nice. Lots of sunny days, even after a blizzard. LOL Merry Christmas to you. Sue

  4. What lovely angels! You made them last year too, right? I see you have an abundance of helpers whom must be having great fun. I know my daughter would. My favorite shot is Puss in Box.

  5. So very festive! Your decorations look great and I love your angels all packaged up. The kids must have loved Santa arriving. Have a great holiday.

  6. Hi Ann!
    The cats are hilarious!
    It looks like fun at your house!

  7. what a great looking Santa! it all looks like so much fun...I think it looks like you have gotten a great deal done!
    And by the way...I have not put them out for awhile but I have all the Hallmark Holiday Barbies! I love them, guess there is still little girls in us.
    Merry Christmas my friend!

  8. Merry Christmas Ann! Your home is so lovely and festive . . . filled with yummy fragrance, love and family. Many Blessings and Peace!
    Thank you for all your kind words!

  9. It is so very Christmassy at your place! Love the beautiful things you're making. Have a beautiful Christmas, your cats look like they've gotten right into the spirit of things too :)

  10. Merry Christmas, Ann! I love your decorations and the children all ready for wonderful things! (I am partial to redheads, by the way). The angels are adorable...the ones you made and the children! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Such a festive post!
    So much to love, the barbies, the cute little helpers and the yummy treats!
    Merry Christmas, Ann!