Thursday, June 28, 2012

Clear Skies

Every now and then we get a blog surprise. A favorite blogger who has long been silent posts. Broken Barn Industries, Inc asked for an update on the fires here in Colorado. Oh dear. The situation in Colorado Spring is so grim. Last night 346 homes burned as the fire engulfed blocks and blocks of homes. Thirty-two thousand people were evacuated. I can't imagine. Known as the Waldo Fire,  it is near the Air Force Academy, which currently is safe.  The High Park Fire that still burns (ignited by lightening June 9), but our skies are clear now as the fire has moved north and west. No longer the lead story in the news, as the news makers focus on the tragic fire in Colorado Springs. At last tally, High Park Fire has burned for nearly 3 weeks, destroyed 257 homes, and burned 87,000+ acres, 85% contained.  In comparison, the Waldo fire has burned 18,000+ acres in 3 days and destroyed blocks and blocks of homes.

Our daughter's in-laws whose home survived the High Fire were supposed to be able to officially go to their home today, but probably not to say, though their house has been certified livable.

There were at one time 14 fires burning in the state. It has been bloody hot, setting 100 years old records. Yes, we are used to hot summers, but this early in June? Generally, our really hot weather is later in July;  however, we have had 100+ temps all week all over state ranging from 105 here in Ault to 113 in the southern part of the state.  And little promise of any significant rain.  Here at The Garden Spot we are safe. My husband said today that he was glad that we live in irrigated country with less chance of wild fire. So we are safe. I appreciate the concern.

And I have good news. 

Meet Lilly born Monday morning, June 20

She looks like her mamma did when she was born.

One of the beautiful bouquets for the baby

 And about the Garden butterflies float through the air looking for fancy feasts.

My little Mother Nature, a very curious, tactile child, has learned to touch, not catch grandma's butterflies.

The goldfinches have discovered the cosmos, feasting the unripened seed head. (The male)

The female

Finally, I'd like to introduce you to Fields of Heather. She has this amazing garden in a small yard located at that top of a cul-de-saque in the middle of Denver. She earned her BS in Horticulture from the School of Agriculture at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. She is also a certified arborist and works for a tree care company, American Arbor Care. I have been encouraging her to tend to her blog because she has a lot of knowledge about trees and tree problems to share, but she also is such a little gardener working with a rather small yard with, as a mother can proudly declare, amazing results. Check out her blog. Ask her a tough tree question. See if you can stump her. (Yes, bad pun intended).

For fire updates see You won't believe the photos of the destruction in Colorado Springs.

Hoping you all have a fab week end.


  1. How terrible these fires are.
    Your photo of the Cosmos made me smile, as in my French garden we had a bed of them just for the goldfinch!

  2. Hi Ann!
    Oh, the baby! She's wonderful! Lilly. What a precious name. Congratulations, Grandma!
    I am going to Colorado Springs today. It's awful. Praying for big rain.
    My garden (small as it is) needs some more dirt and love when I get home.

  3. She is absolutely adorable, those little rosebud lips, and that creamy skin....gorgeous. Congrats to all, what a relief to have her with you.

    And to get back into their house, and the fire coming under control wonderful news for them.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. PHEW! I was worried about your garden spot. Obviously you've been busy with happy things- congrats! She's beautiful!

  5. How beautiful little Lilly is! So glad she arrived.
    I am glad you and yours are safe...I have been worried. It is such a shame that so many have lost their homes in Colorado.

  6. At least you are out of danger - I can't imagine what all those people who have lost their homes are feeling like - awful. Congrats. on your new granddaughter she is beautiful. Lovely to see the goldfinches on your Cosmos (which I might add it doing far better than mine - I'm jealous). We are still in the midst of wet weather - I fear our summer will never arrive.

  7. Hi - Just to let you know that I am passing on the 'One Lovely Blog Award' to you in recognition of your Lovely Blog - I will understand if you don't accept it but if you go to my blog at then you will see what the conditions of acceptance are.

  8. I'm so glad you're safe. :o) Congrats on a beautiful grandbaby.

  9. Oh Ann, she's so beautiful! I'm so glad you're all safe and I've been thinking of you often.

  10. Congratulations to your daughter, Lilly is gorgeous. Beautiful goldfinches in your garden as well. Congrats on getting the 'One Lovely Blog Award' as well!

  11. Oh, I have heard on the news about what has been happening in Colorado Springs but this brings it home. I am so sorry.

    But in contrast to the sadness, Lily is so beautiful!