Friday, July 6, 2012


Blogging opens up a whole new community for those who take time to nurture a blog. I began my blog after finding Robin's Nesting Place. I was googling toads for one of the grandchildren and her little article on toads appeared. I liked her blog; in fact, I spent hours exploring her blog. Soon I realized that I, too, could start a blog as I poked around other gardening blogs in her blog list.

And so Welcome to the Garden Spot began. I found more gardening blogs through

There have times when I have become quite frustrated, but as one not to give up, I keep learning, keep writing, keep taking photos. My blog following has grown slowly. I cherish each one who decides that the Garden Spot has something of interest or finds it  entertaining, worthwhile enough to time to take a moment to read my narrative and to view my photos.

So when Elaine of A Woman of the Soil and Rosebank Ramblings left a comment saying that she had awarded me the One Lovely Blog award, I was surprised, shocked, amazed, and most honored that she found my little blog so worthy of being called "lovely."

As a part of accepting the award, I have to list seven things about me:
  1. I am My Cup is Half Full sort of person
  2. I am so old that I can, probably should, but don't want to retire. I love my job and I love my students.
  3. I have been hopelessly addicted to soap operas since I was in college, so I am a wee bit upset that my favorites have been canceled.
  4. I have been married to the same man for 38 years. I don't know which of us should receive sainthood first--probably him.
  5. I am a geek for England, Ireland, and Scotland, desperately wanting to return to all three countries.
  6. I tend to spoil my grandchildren.
  7. I encourage my friends, especially my young friends, to live life the fullest every single day.
And now I have chosen ten blogs deserving of the One Lovely Bog Award for each has brought me much pleasure. I know that some blogs don't accept awards, and if yours is one, that's okay. I understand. 

Thank you Elaine. I am honored to receive the award and I hope that I live up the the honor by taking my blog to new places.
  1. A Diva's Garden 
  2. Cornish Cream 
  3. Everyday Life 
  4. Fields of Heather 
  5. Flowerhill Farm
  6. Muddy Boot Dreams 
  7. Sall's Courntry Life
  8. Kellie's Northern Ireland Garden 
  9. Shingle Cottage 
  10. Pom Pom Ponderings
Greeley Stampede Independence Day Rodeo: Awesome Fireworks
It has begun to rain. One of those gentle, easy rains that will last a while. I hear it splattering on the patio, dripping on the closed table umbrella. The wind in the trees sets a gentle breeze that is cooling the house. I will go to sleep to the sound of rain drops hitting the bedroom window. A cool breeze with lull me to sleep. It will be a good sleep. Tomorrow the Garden Spot will be wet and green, alive, its thirst quenched--for a few days, anyway.

On my brother's farm in the Texas Hill Country, he talks about hog damage--the damage that the feral hogs do as they roam the Texas country side. Here we have rabbit damage. They prefer the red onions to the white onions.

We have 13 cubic feet of mulch coming to mulch the trees that hubby skirted last week, so you know what we will be doing all day. I hope you have a great week end.


  1. Half the fun of receiving an award is the pleasure is gives to the giver and the receiver. Well deserved - keep on blogging!

  2. Congrats on your One Lovely Blog Award! Well done and what a lovely logo it has too. Keep up the blogging! Thanks very much for nominating me as well, much appreciated. P.S. Glad to hear you've some rain! If I could, I'd send some of Ireland's rain over.

  3. Congratulations Ann! A well deserved award :o) Keep up the good work.
    Rose H

  4. Congratulations Ann on winning the lovely blog award... Blogging is a wonderful way to share what's good an beautiful and each one of us does it so differently.. I believe we along with our readers are nurtured and inspired with each post we write! Keep it up! Blessings1
    Deborah Jean

  5. I just discovered your blog and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Congratulations on your awards.

  6. Hooray for you, Ann! I'm glad I found your blog, Colorado neighbor!
    Isn't it a great day today? Kelli and I (and the three girls) went to an outdoor market and I loved all the dogs that were meandering around with their people.

  7. I'm so glad I found your blog, too! Hooray for your award! :o) I'm hoping some of that rain will head our way. I've become a better gardener through blogging because I have a chance to learn from so many other gardeners. Love all the wild life in your area.

  8. Congratulations to you Ann, I totally agree, your blog is one lovely blog.

  9. Congratulations on your award. Your blog is deserving. The photo of the fireworks is beautiful. Enjoy your picnic!

  10. Hello mother. I am so truly humbled by your gift of an award for my blog. I am still trying to learn how to use the app I downloaded for the iPad to update my blog. So I am working on that as well as my plant lists so that I may share those with bloggers. It has been far too long since I updated my blog. I need to get in a routine of doing it. Your blog is so fabulous. Thank you momma.