A White Christmas

So how has your Christmas been? Grand and glorious, I hope, as was Christmas at the Gardenspot. A house full of children, laughter, and good cheer. Gifts and food, noise, and hugs. One of the best times of the year. We gather as a family on Christmas Eve to celebrate not just Christmas, but our youngest daughter's birthday too. For 30 some years we have had the celebration. Our spirit of the holiday was sparked even more as it began to snow--a white Christmas, rare, really, for this part of Colorado. The news guy said in the last 100 years, only 13 white Christmases. And today, brutal cold.

Not a lot of snow, but snow non-the-less.

 Jen made the little eggs for the bird feeders in the family.

Hubby's dad spent the night with us, so we took him home today, a trip that included stops at two nursing homes. First we stopped to see hubby's mom who today was non responsive. We found her in the dinning room in the Alzheimer's unit sound asleep in her wheel chair at the dinner table, unable or unwilling to wake up and acknowledge us.  Next we stopped to see Sr.'s friend Ester in her care facility. She has had a stroke and serious surgery. She is now recovering, looking forward to going home soon. We had lunch with her.  
And now it is time to relax. No more shopping, no more baking, cooking, or frantic cleaning. Just resting and relaxing until school begins again January 14. Soon, though, our thoughts will turn to gardening. The catalogs will come in the mail and we will pine away the hours looking at the new cultivars and new plant sensations, anxious for Spring to come. Until then, dear friends we will keep each other company sharing our gardening plans for '13.

I've had another great year in Blog Land making new friends and learning so much from reading everyone's posts. I have visited some great places, seen fantastic photos, and had great conversations you all. And so I am looking forward to yet another year. Together we'll make a great gardening team. Cheers.


  1. Hi Ann,

    I love your images of a white Christmas -- Lucky You!!! Right now it's raining here, and that's all we have in the forecast for the next few days. We had a BEAUTIFUL white Christmas two years ago, and it may be 25 years before we have another one. Never the less, we still had a wonderful day.

    Blessings to you and Happy New Year.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. I'm glad you had a happy, noisy, foodie Christmas! Yes for a day to relax, days to relax, really!

  3. Beautiful photos Ann, I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas! We had a quiet but wonderful one as well. I'm glad you got some snow, I love snow on Christmas.

  4. Well said Ann..... Happy New Year!

  5. We had no visitors this year, but took our Christmas on the road to my son's new home and new baby daughter. It was a wonderful holiday, surrounded by those I love best!

  6. Lucky you - snow for Christmas - what a treat - glad you enjoyed the day. Looking forward to reading more of your enjoyable posts next year. We are having a short break at the coast for a few days - back in time for new year. Enjoy the rest of your time off. See you in the garden in 2013.

  7. So glad it was a good holiday for you. I am so jealous you had snow, we were suppose to but not even one flake! Thanks for being a loyal reader and friend.

  8. Lovely the snow, it still looks so virginal. We have lots of rain, altogether the weather is rather depressive over here, but we also had a glorious Christmas with our children and grand-children round the house. Enjoy your time off from the university and we shall meet again on our blogs next year!

  9. Hello momma! Lovely blog. I have always said if there is any holiday to be at mom's house it is Christmas Eve for my sisters birthday party that has turned into such a grand family event. Lovely blog as always.

  10. The snow looks lovely. None for us in Ireland. Only rain and gales for us it seems. Looking forward to your posts in 2013 - happy new year!

  11. Congrats on the white Christmas, it does make it so much more special doesn't it.

    Wonderful to see family, and friends, and share the love.

    Happy New Year.


  12. We heard about your white Christmas - boy, were my kids jealous! Sounds like you had a full but wonderful day. Cheers to another year together in the blogosphere :) Happy, happy!

  13. PS - have you heard of Sarah Raven before? She's the Martha Stewart of the gardening world in England - you might want to check her out - www.sarahraven.com. Enjoy!


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