Monday, March 11, 2013

Bird Watching

Once again I stopped at Bittersweet Lake last week (that's how far behind I am in blogging) to see if I could catch a glimpse of the swans. With the sun warm on my back instead the of the cold northern wind in my face, I spent a while watching the graceful couple float on the icy water.  The lake was busy with activity as geese came and went, ducks made a stop over, and the gulls always taking flight and circling above me to see what I was up to. They made quite a commotion on the other side of the lake. You have heard of a gaggle of geese, what would you call a clump of gulls squawking and making quite a splash?

As I ascended the top of the gently slopping dam, the geese resting the ice began to chatter, recognizing, I suppose, a strange figure on the horizon. It was sweet listening to them converse.

Bottoms Up

It would be wonderful if the love birds stayed the summer, but I doubt that they will. 

The Mallards out for afternoon stroll glide silently by as I snap several shots. The lighting wasn't quite good enough to get the velvet green cap on the male.

There is constant movement on the lake as fowl come and go.

I do want a larger lens for wildlife. My 75-300mm zoom does not quite reach far enough.

The gulls seem the busiest, almost ADD-like, making such a racket.

In constant flight, there were a few gulls always in the air.

I watched the grandma and the little girl walk half way round the lake to the shore where they could get  down to the water. I waited to see if the swans would swim over to them, and they did. Guess where I will be Wednesday afternoon? Shore line with bread in hand.

I lingered but a while in the sunshine at lake's edge listening to the geese chatter and the gulls squabble.

I was reminded of my childhood days growing up on our family farm with our little half acre pond that became home for a throng of migrating ducks and geese. I always asked dad if he'd get a pair of swans like the neighbors had on their pond. He said "no" because they would eat his precious water lilies. 

Then he bought grass carp to clean the weeds out of the pond and they ate his lilies. 

Here in the basement the garden begins. The sprouts are looking like tomatoes and peppers, but the marigolds and cabbages didn't germinate. Hubby will replant. He went to town today to buy peas, including sweet peas. I am bound and determined to have sweet peas this year. Generally we plant peas St. Patrick's day, but he says it is the right time of the moon to plant above ground crops; thus, the peas will go in tomorrow while I am working.

Looks like we are getting new neighbors. Five, in fact. I hate to be awful, but I had grown rather accustomed to the view of mountains the vacant lots across the street. A new builder bought the remaining lots in the neighborhood across from us and the houses have been springing up--a good sign really to see the town grow. A good sign that perhaps the housing market is rebounding. 

I graded today. Back to the classroom tomorrow. Next week is spring break. I hope that the weather is nice so that I can finally get outside and get started in the gardens. I have list of chores. I am tired; the students are tired too. We all need a break.

Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. The swans are beautiful. What a great gift to watch them and the grandma with her grandkids. Just to sit and enjoy life.

  2. I love to see your bird photos, I also have not got a proper bird lens and I know it is so difficult. It is always so nice to see the birds flying up or landing on the water but I never made a good photo they were all moved. What concerns swans, do you know we have many of them in our neighbourhood. Last summer I had swan parents with 9 fluffy babies swimming in front of the house, actually I see swans every day.
    That is the pleasure of blogging, to see and learn about all different climates, landscapes, birds, animals, plants and so on in the world.
    Have a nice spring break next week, here it is icy (literally) cold again, we have an extraordinary long winter.

  3. The lake looks enjoyable; I always enjoy walks around a lake. Looks cold in the photos. Its very cold in Ireland this week and some little snow flurries but not lying. I've no seeds started yet, I'm waiting until April this year.

  4. Thank you for the gorgeous lake views! Swans!
    You reminded me about planting sweet peas! President's Day is when I've always planted them so I am WAY behind! I shall plant them when the weather climbs to 70 later in the week. Yay!
    One of my students is planning his garden. He's sprouting inside the house, too!
    Yay for a nice break, Ann! We have state testing this week and then two more weeks until our spring break.
    Take care!

  5. The photos of the lake are lovely it looks so tranquil, how nice to have a place like that to visit.

  6. Me too for the lens, love the bird shots...and I wish that I had a bigger lens also.

    Too bad about the neigbours...but you never know, you might end up being good gardening friends with them.


  7. Je croit que vous avait fait une belle premenade!!

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  8. I love swans. They're so beautiful.

  9. Looks like a very peaceful day. I would agree that I wouldn't want houses to block my mountain view either. Hopefully you have lovely new neighbors. Shame about the carp, but sounds like a wonderful place to grow up :)