Sunday, May 26, 2013

Going Green

Today's theme: Going Green. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Green is the color between blue and yellow on the spectrum; colored like grass or emeralds. Symbolically, according to Emily Gems, a gemstone web site, green represents fertility and life, well balanced people, learning, growth, and harmony. I have painted our bedroom and the guest bedroom a green color that we used at the old house, Peaceful Jade because I love it so much. Many of us because we garden,  we love nature and respect Mother Earth.  As gardeners, we want to create, preserve, and protect our environment. We "go green" in the simplest ways ranging from refusing those awful plastic bags at the supermarket, instead using reusable bags (if we can remember to get them out of the trunk of the car before we go into the store); we find natural ways to control weeds and pests in the garden. We recycle our glass, paper, and plastic. We reuse, re-purpose, redo everything from clothing to furniture.

However, I did not set out to write about saving the earth tonight. I thought instead that I would take you for walk around the Garden Spot while it is at its peak of Spring green and then for a quick drive down the road to see the green fields of Northern Colorado. Come along.

On the north side of the house, we have two snow ball bushes with the blossoms still that limey green as they grow.

The front circle is full of wild chamomile. Not just green, but what texture with the spiky leaves and the broad petals and the mound of yellow. Mom Nature knows her stuff.

At the front of the house the clematis is loaded with wonderful full buds ready to burst out in pink. A nice color combo: bright pink and limey green.

Green and Purple make a great color combo: 


And Iris

And lavender lilacs

The Garden Spot is home a few cottontails that munch the green grass in the lawn and the pasture. They seem to live in peaceful coexistence with dog, cats, and even the local fox family. One of my evening routines is to go out front and count the rabbits in the horse pasture and watch them chase each other.

Gray and Green: Not a favorite color combo, but the pasture with all of the moisture is green and lush.

From the lemon yellow of the chamomile and the lime green of the snowball, pasture green also goes well with palomino gold.

I love this color combo: Green and White

Red and Green aren't just for Christmas.  

Green And Brown: Sprouting corn that by the 4th of July should be knee high.

The farmland palette Black and white cows (Holstein steers), green grass for hay, and a newly tilled soil with the blue silhouette of the mountains in the background.

 Green Eggs and Ham? I love our hens' green eggs. 

Spring Green has to be a favorite color: Yes here at the Garden Spot we are at peace, well-balanced, and we try to live in harmony with nature in an eco friendly way. 

Tomorrow we will plant the garden. The camera will be close by. I hope you enjoyed our little walk-about and a short Sunday afternoon drive.

We are truly blessed to live in this great country 
and today we remember our brave veterans. 
God Bless them 
God Bless America.

Have a great holiday and wonderful week. 


  1. Isn't it amazing how the plants etc.. all recover from the weather, you have so much colour in your garden and yet i know you had a bad Winter. Hope you are enjoying your retirement, Jackie in Surrey, UK

  2. How lovely to see your garden recover at last - plenty of different colours to marvel at. I expect you will find it hard at first not going to work every day it does take time to adjust but I am sure you will enjoy life at a more leisurely pace. Nice to see you back.

  3. What a great post, Ann. I love all your greens and combinations of greens. I can't believe all the beautiful blooms you have when it was snowing there seems like just the other day!! I love the Alliums, Iris, and Lilacs...purples with green are my favorites. Happy garden planting!!

  4. God bless the USA. America the great. Love the pics mom. A day to celebrate those that have liberated is so we can enjoy what we love.

  5. Such a serene post full of beautiful greens. My neighbor growing up had snowball bushes in front...makes me think of sitting on her front porch visiting with her in the good ole summertime!

  6. Hi Ann, I loved the walk through your garden. We are finally blooming here, but seeing your pretty flowers shows me I really need to plant more in my yard. I hope you had a wonderful Memorial weekend.

  7. Your plants are so far along...lovely to see such green.

    And bunnies, and cute birdhouse.


  8. So beautiful all the combinations with green, it was a lovely garden walk. Your garden looks so different now, in comparison with a month ago. Every living plant or animal looks happy and prosperous. Funny you used jade green paint in your house, our doors of the living room are all painted jade green.