Saturday, September 14, 2013


Judith at Lavender Cottage has offered a photographic challenge: Windows and Doors, so I thought I would give you a look from the inside out:

My View on the World

The view from my kitchen window: the courtyard with the little water garden, the rose garden, and the horse pasture. 

From the office: the weedy center circle and the new houses that are being built across the street. 

From the guest bedroom: the back yard. I have taken down curtains and sent them off the cleaners, so the window looks rather bare.

And that is my view on the world: my peaceful, quiet Garden Spot.

Strange Visitor

Inside, it is a different story. Yesterday while I was cleaning and hubby was revamping the pantry closet, I found that we had visitor. Actually I got quite excited because we rarely see praying mantis in the yard. I know that we have a few, but we don't see them much. So how did it get in the house?

Did it climb out of the pan of garden vegetables? I had washed them and sorted them, so I don't think he came from them. Who knows? Anyway, he went back to the garden where he belongs.

On a side note: last night before I went to bed I checked the window wells for toads. I rescued one huge one and 5 babies. They have to be removed from the window wells or they die. One escaped from the shoe box that I was trying to put them into. It hid under the couch. But he came out and hubby caught him. No photo. Use your imagination on this one. 

Night Lights

We had a very long day in Denver Thursday that ended at the Denver Aquarium where we attended a financial planning seminar. Before the seminar, we had free access to tour the aquarium. I was so excited because I had never been there and it is very expensive to visit. I didn't take any photos of fish; fish are fish and we had little time to hang out with them. But I did play with the camera when we returned to the car at the end of the evening. It had rained on us all day, so the clouds were heavy, wet, and low. I am not sure just what the tower is that I photographed, it might be at the amusement park Elitche's  just behind the aquarium. The skyline was so beautiful. I do need to learn how to take night photos, but I rather like my fuzzy, out of focus photos.

The front of the aquarium.

On a final note, here in Northern Colorado we are so distressed; while the Garden Spot is not under water, much of our Weld county to the south of us is. I am sure that you have seen the news reports on national news about the flooding in Boulder, but that flooding was just the beginning. Let me tell that it is bad. Really bad. Some of you have been to Estes Park in the mountains. Now 17 miles of the highway in the Big Thompson Canyon has been destroyed as a wall of raging water forced its way down the canyon. Estes Park main street was under water. I am talking three raging rivers: Cache La Poudre, Big Thompson, and the St. Vrain, all feeding into the South Platte River on the south east side of Greeley. Thousands of acres under water. Roads and bridges wiped out. And more rain on the way. This part of Colorado received 6 months of rain in 24 hours or less. Red Feather, a mountain community, received 13.8 inches of rain in a day. Lyons, another mountain community, has been totally isolated. If you want to read more and see photos, go to 9news. com. We suffered drought last summer and most of this summer and raging fires. Now more rain than, really, I have ever seen. Today thousands are wondering if their life will ever be the same. They have lost everything. They could use your prayers.

Hope you are all well and safe. Thank you for visiting.


  1. Hi Ann, that's terrible news about the's a scary world now, but I am thankful that you didn't get flooded out.

    I don't think we have praying mantis around here, but it would be interesting to see one. I'm laughing about the toads...that's too cute, I know, not at the time..but still.


  2. So sorry to hear about the flooding. I know how horrible it can be. Our country is below sea level and we had flood problems in the past too. My thoughts are with the people in this area too.

    Such a beautiful animal that praying mantis!

    Ann, if you like the pattern on the granny square rose, let me know. I will send it to you by mail.

    Happy Sunday!

    Madelief x

  3. I love your curtains. I have been worked about my cousins in Denver and Breckenridge. Not a good year in Colorado

  4. Wow Ann, I camped in Estes Park area when I was a kid and about 17 years ago we camped in the state park there for a family reunion so I kind of know what you are talking about. I've been thinking about you and your family and keep checking the news. I'm keeping you all in my prayers, such devastation you are facing out there.
    On a lighter note, I love your windows and what I see out them. I've only seen a praying mantis once.

  5. I know. It's heartbreaking.
    I like that green bug! I had a similar green bug in my bathtub a few years ago.
    I also like your views, Ann!

  6. The rain and flooding sounds very bad, I'll have to watch the american news channels as I hadn't heard. Good luck with the photographic challenge!

  7. I love looking through your lacey curtains and glimpsing a view of your world. We've been keeping up with the news of Colorado and our hearts go out to everyone there. We're keeping them in our prayers. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon my friend!

  8. It's nice to see your lacy curtains and view beyond. The challenge is from Donna at Cottage Days and Journeys if you should ever choose to join us, and it's once a month.
    Colorado has sure had a time of it this year - fires earlier and now flooding. I hope you keep safe.

  9. What a terrible news about the flooding in Colorado...... I could not help laughing reading about you trying to catch the toads. So you have many toads too, we have many of them in our garden, big fat ones with many little ones. The view through your beautiful lace curtains is so nice, it is really nice to see life on the other end of the world.

  10. It sounds like the heavens have well and truly opened on your part of the world. The weather just keeps going from one extreme to the other doesn't it. Love the views from your windows it looks so peaceful.

  11. Hi Ann, been thinking about you and wondering if you had any water. It looked so bad on T.V. and I'm thankful you didn't have flooding where you are.