Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Boone Doggle

How is everyone? Are we managing to get through winter in one piece? Once again our eastern and southern regions are in the grips of awful snow and ice storms. Here in Colorado out on the plains the weather is mellowing. The snowfall in the mountains, however, is being measured by the feet rather than by inches. Our weather people promise a warming trend by week's end. Believe me when I say that I am ready.

Well, for the last couple of posts I have been hinting at exciting news. As I posted on Facebook yesterday from the middle of nowhere as we drove though snow covered wheat fields, we were off on a boondoggle, often an expensive, wasteful project but done anyway and more often associated with policy. I had fun posting photos of the giant grain bins, the long road ahead of nothing but white, and the Welcome to Nebraska sign nearly 3 hours from home. Where were we going? Why were we in Nebraska?

From Ault, Grant, NB is 2 hours and 51 minutes away, but, of course, I had to stop at my favorite gift store in Sterling. A brief stop.

It is just a very small vet clinician a very small farming community that also takes in pets that owners have to surrender. They are no kill and make sure that if they cannot place the animal that it goes on to another no kill facility. Very clean. Very friendly staff.

Now, this is love at first sight. A man and his dog.

Hubby signs paper work and writes out the check under the close supervision of the office manager.

What a sweet face.

 When we lost Max last June, we were sure that we would never find another dog. We were not even sure that we wanted another dog. Hubby, however, began searching for a German Short haired pointer on Craig's list and the rescue sites. We did not qualify for a rescue dog because we do not have a fenced yard. As he searched for the perfect short hair, in each beautiful dog we saw sweet Max's face, for he was a pure bred short hair. Finding a short hair was a little painful. I finally told hubby that I wanted a puppy that we could start on our own, one that did not have all of the bad habits that Max had when hubby rescued him from the Greeley shelter. Already 11 months old with two previous homes, he was trouble for a long time. He was, though, the sweetest and smartest dog and companion for fourteen years. Then he found a litter of 5 pups at the vet  hospital in Grant, NB. The pups are a cross between a weimaraner and a short hair, both powerful hunting breeds. He is 14 weeks old with his birthday on Halloween. A perfect fit for the Head Gardener.

He has much to learn. Lesson 1:  Don't mess with old gray cat!

So there you have it, not a wasteful, useless project. Expensive, in the beginning, probably.  His full name: Boone Doggle, Boone for short. He will be checking in on the blog from time to time.

Oh, did I mention that hubby has gone back to work three days a week?

Today we worked on learning that the crate is a sanctuary, not a prison and to come when called. Both skills in progress. Oh and he got the message not to mess with grumpy old Country. A couple of swats made that lesson quite clear.

Wishing you sunshine and valentines.


  1. That is one adorable pup - I think he is going to be a lovely addition to your pet family.

  2. When I saw first picture I thought what is she doing on the "Great Plain" of Nebraska. As far as I know Nebraska is a state of rough prairies and plains. But what a surprise...... The 'love at first sight' picture is beautiful and 'the officemanager' is very adorable too. Wish you all much happiness with this sweet looking pup.

  3. Awe, what a cutie pie and I love his name. Our son has a German short haired and she is the sweetest thing, and Boone looks like he's going to be a wonderful dog. I had to chuckle at the "office manage" photo, that's a great shot.

  4. Oh, I'm so happy you found a sweet looking dog! I love the name, good luck with the lessons ahead. I gotta say I love being Mom of a new puppy and 4 older siblings!! Have Fun!

  5. Ohhhhh he's beautiful. I'm so glad that you have found another member to add to your family, he's so cute.


  6. Oh Lynn, this IS exciting news!!! Congratulations, I know you've been looking for awhile now. I love that next-to-last picture -- his face and expression are just precious!!! I just know he will be a wonderful addition to your family. :) And finally -- Boone is such a cute name. He looks like a Boone. :-D

    Enjoy your weekend!



  7. Mixed breeds are the best! I have four mutts. :o) Boone is soo cute! He looks like a lot of fun.

  8. Look at that face! What's not to love. I think he is the perfect age to train and bond with, too. You have lots of fun to look forward to, especially this Spring and summer! He sure is a beautiful color and has a healthy coat! Sweet hugs!

  9. He's such a handsome gentleman !
    Thank you for giving him a forever home, you make so much differnce in the lives of unwanted pets.