Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Love Month

I started working on Valentines way back in January, wanting relief from the first of the year doldrums, wanting to leave all of the hurry scurry of the holidays behind, so I got busy making the Valentine bunting or garland for the fireplace mantle. I also made Valentine houses for the girls and grand kids which I have not yet finished. 

I began getting my records gathered for the tax accountant. Never a pleasant chore.

I also bit the bullet and signed onto to begin building genealogy for my mother's side of the family. While my father's side is finished back to the Mayflower thanks to my grandmother and aunt, the Eaton side has never been done. I have been obsessively searching for long, lost relatives with surprising success.

And last week had my kitchen painted, rather spur of the moment. I could write an entire post about the the 4 trips to Ace Hardware to get the correct paint. But I won't. I will say, however, that the folks at the Ace in Eaton, CO, are very nice people. So when the color that I chose did not work out, JT recolored it and said if we didn't get it right he would start all over with fresh paint. No charge. In other words this Ace will take back paint if it does not work. Bummed that Ace no longer carries my brand of paint, I was glad when Ace redeemed itself with a return policy. How cool is that? So the kitchen is painted. I love it. Flooring next.

Unless you live in California where folks are suffering through a terrible drought or in Florida when the  tropical sun shines nearly all the time (I think), you are in the grips of winter. While we have not had the tremendous amounts of snow that regions east of us have, we have had snow on the ground now for over a week with very cold temperatures. Yesterday it was a balmy 20 degrees; today it is foggy and 16 degrees.

I did venture out this morning to take photos of winter clinging to the trees and the landscape. I didn't stay out long; I just do not relish the cold much any more. Then I played a bit on Picasa.

While the other photos speak for themselves, you might be wondering why this old wheel is on top of the rock. I asked myself that question one day. The wheel leans against another boulder at the front point of the center drive-way garden. I will simple say that Elinore had visited.

Yesterday the snow glistened in the sunlight and the bunny tracks dissected the the pasture as the cottontails travel from the neighbor's windbreak where they make their home to our yard to scavenge underneath the bird feeders. Today the pasture is cold and gray, the bunny tracks erased by a bit of wind. 

Not fit weather for the delicate lady bugs.

I do hope that you are staying warm and cozy. Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

My next post will be exciting. Stay Tuned.

Have a fabulous week.


  1. Hi Ann, I love your Valentine garland on the mantle and want to make one!! Did you use paper or is it cloth. Love to see a closer view and have your instructions. Hope to see the houses you made for the grandchildren, too. You are a crafty one, even though you don't toot your own horn! The snow and cold looks beautiful, but I'd rather see it in a photo than in person. Stay warm. Egretta P.S. So very sad because the Broncos lost...Love them all, especially Peyton...I feel their disappointment!

  2. It IS cold! I just turned up the heat. Good for you, making Valentine surprises!

  3. It would be nice to have a little snow here....we have had endless rain for months now and the flooding is awful in the south west of the country. I love that first photo of the cones. X

  4. You've had a busy week and your snow photos are incredible. What a contrast of objects and frosty white. It was 75 here in Florida and we just got back from a hike. But I've lived in snowy parts of the country so I know how cold Feb can be! Take care my friend! Hugs!

  5. You made some beautiful snowy pictures. I should like to have some snow, much better than all the rain we have, it is so muddy and Snarf keeps me busy with his muddy paws...... Your Valentine garland on the mantelpiece is very pretty. In our country it's not common to celebrate Valentine's day, but the last decade it is also coming up here pushed by commerce.

  6. Even though I'm enjoying the sun and warmer weather in Florida this month, I took great delight in viewing your frosted photos.
    I have a black iron heart hanger like yours, found it out in someone's trash and brought it home for hubby to paint.

  7. I have come to visit you from the blog of Elizabeth , Cornish Cream '
    Although we are having a hard time weather wise in England I love your winter pictures . I hope they end up on Pinterest . I have boards there , do you ?.

  8. Sorry , I now see your Pinterest logo . I have no idea how to put it on my own blog

  9. What beautiful photos in this blog post. I'm glad I went to your previous post and had a look. I'm really behind with blogging! Don't know if I'm too busy or too unorganised or both but I must try to keep up with the blogging!


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