Sunday, September 7, 2014


It is just me, or do the weeks seem to just fly by? Here it is already Sunday evening. Are you ready for some football? To all of our Bronco fans, season opener in the Mile High City tonight. I can't even tell you who we are playing. None the less time to share my Denver Bronco Pride.

Heather and the boys were up this week end. It has become a tradition to go to a small private nursery that specializes in miniature plants, alpine plants, succulents, and pine trees. Come along with me as we build a little rock garden for Mosaic Monday at Lavender Cottage.

The shopping spree was a family affair with all 5 grandchildren, both daughters, even grandpa, and a naked Rapunzel doll.

Our first stop is always the hen house to view the nice assortment of laying hens. The hens are really hard to photograph through the fence, but I love the black ones. They are an iridescent black which makes them glow that neon green in the sunlight.

We talked turkey, too, as we wondered around the yard. It is a small place with the green houses, potting shed, a large vegetable garden and several raised beds of very young pines. (no photo). So it is a compact garden with so much to see.

 Time to get down to business. Heather's friend Karen who propagates the plants, gave the girls a cart, to haul the plants, flats to carry them home in, and a clipboard and pencil to write name tags for each plant since only one plant in each growing flat is labeled.

They have the neatest dog that loves to play with the kids.

Now, down to some serious shopping.

It really is cool to see the little succulents all lined up neat and pretty. Karen supplies High Country Gardens and local nurseries with her plant material. Since it is the end of the growing season, the green houses are pretty bare.

The rock garden in the center of yard provides lots of inspiration and good ideas. I love this globe blue spruce.

Heather and Karen can spend hours talking plants. Some women love shopping for shoes. Heather loves her plants.

The blue spruce is Colorado's state tree, a tree that I love. Look at this cute little tree. I'd love to take it home with me.

Time to tally up. Guess who writes the check?

Not all of our plants that we chose. These are what the girls chose. Karen threw in a couple of free ones. Did you know that when a Hen and Chick blooms, the hen that blooms, dies? So Lucy got a freebie. But Aunt Heather says that if you cut off the bloom, the hen lives. (Lucy calls it peeps and chick)

So here it is. Our rock garden. We will add more each year as we make our annual visit. I wish I could remember the name of the little nursery in the middle of town, but Karen only deals with very special clients and Heather has made an effort to nurture her friendship, but if you go to the Denver Botanical Plant Sale next spring, you will probably meet Karen there. Stop and say "hi"; she's a sweet lady.

Meanwhile, back at the Garden Spot. We have the sweetest little neighbor boys 4 and 6 who come visit all the time. They like to pick flowers from the garden to make their momma happy. You can see that their favorite one is the rudbeckia in the center garden. The other day little Bobby came by to tell me that my flowers were dying. He was so concerned, so we went out to see just what the problem was, and indeed their favorite flower is dying. I explained that they will dry up, make seeds, spread those seeds all over and be more beautiful flowers next summer. He liked that answer.

Hopefully the point of the center garden will fill in nicely. The grasses are really gaining some size, finally.

There's a bear spot on the burm since Heather and the Head Gardener took a saw to the dead pine tree.

A ponderosa pine, just like this one, that just plain died. No reason. Just died. We will clean out the root ball and seed it to grass.

The fairy garden is all grown over. The decorative strawberry that I planted last year as ground cover has gone to town  filling in just as I wanted, but but the fairies and the gnomes are no longer visible. I may have to come up a new location next spring.

The weather is warm, but mild with threats of rain in the afternoons. Corn harvest will start soon. I love summer and hate saying good-bye, but I am ready for Jack Frost arrive to shut down the garden. I am done. What about you?

Have a fabulous week. Not sure what I will be doing this week, but for sure I will be visiting you. Thanks so much taking time to visit.


  1. Hi Ann! Yes, sort of. Bill pulled out sprawling sunflowers today, but my attempt at sweet peas is finally growing! Weird, huh?
    For shame. I'm not watching the Broncos. Taco salad for dinner and a movie!
    Talk soon! We'll plan!

  2. I am done too. I have been painting the trim on the house the past few days, I got brave and changed the color. I too feel the weeks have been flying by as well. I don't even know where the month of August went.

  3. Ann, you forgot the most important role of the cart - for dolly to have a fun ride around at the nursery! I could spend hours at a place like this, especially with another gal that likes to talk plants.
    I was hoping you picked up the little blue spruce - looks like a Baby Blue but I'm sure you have enough to keep you busy.
    The fairy garden looks fine, more places for them to hide.
    Yes, I'm ready for my autumn gardening of cutting some things back and composting the containers I planted up. After watering them every day for weeks I think we're tired of each other. :-)
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  4. Oh wow I LOVE this (although the doll made me look twice) - time is not going quickly enough for me at the moment! I just want the renos to be done so I can get into my true passion - the garden! Not enough wholesale nurseries near me so plants are not terribly affordable, still, I've plotted out what I want I think! Just waiting to be able to do it.

  5. Your garden center looks so wonderful, Ann! The one near us is called Jareds. They are very popular and have a good selection of everything. We planted a small blue spruce to replace and Austrian pine that died in our backyard last year.. So far the blue spruce is doing well --I think it is better for this climate. We had so much rain this summer--our grass is muddya nd soraked. I hope for some drier weather fro awhile before the firts winter snow arrives.

  6. I love that little nursery with all kind of things, even turkies, hens and a dog, great for the grandchildren. And so nice they all could choose a plant, it certainly must have been a fun day to visit this place with the family. Here the weather is nice and sunny but not warm, autumn is very early arriving, it's almost done with the garden. I'm going to change my garden coming season, I want it less labor-intensive but I'm sure I keep my roses.
    Wish you a nice week!

  7. Love your fairy garden. I would have a great time wondering about the garden center. So much fun, especially with kids. The sooner they have an appreciation for plants, the better ... I think! Happy Mosaic Monday!

  8. Your rock garden with the succulents is lovely. When I go to the nursery I always come back with more than I'd planned.
    I've started some fall clean up in the garden, but the tomatoes and other vegetables keep producing and I don't want to shut them down. We usually have tomatoes until late October or November because I can pull down the sides of the "sort of greenhouse" they are in.

  9. Looks like a really fun trip to the garden center; I especially loved the smiles on the children's faces playing with the garden dog. What fun!

  10. This looks like a lovely nursery Ann. It must be fun going there with your grandchildren. We do have nurseries in The Netherlands as well, but they look so different from the one you show is. I like the fact that they have animals too!

    What intrigues me that your garden and the nusery both look reasonably flat, while you live in Colorado. I always thought that was full of mountains!! :-)

    Have a happy week!

    Madelief x

  11. Like you, I'm closing the garden down, but gradually. There are still lovely sunny hours in the day and more forecast. But all of a sudden it will change, so I must get ready cutting back so many plants that are going over now.

  12. Going to the garden center is one of my favorite things, I just want it all. Cool here today, but suppose to be cooler this weekend, Hope to get some work done outside, i bought some hydrangea's, snow ball bushes and lilac's at Home Depot for about $2 a piece. Could not pass that up. Have a great week my friend!

  13. I love succulents! I had a nice group of them in my pond garden until last winter. It killed them all. wah. A trip to the nursery is so inspirational!

  14. There is never a weekend without plants! And Karen has been so wonderful and generous. I love giving her my money. She always shows me the new stuff. And what would a weekend at the garden spot be without some actual work. If id only had a chainsaw that tree would have been on the ground! It was a wonderful time spent with my family.

  15. Ηi Ann,

    So lovely to meet you!

    What a lovely time had by all at this wonderful nursery. It makes such a difference when the owners of such establishments are as sweet and helpful as Karen. The succulents in your rock garden are very pretty and practical, I might add. You have such a great variety of flowers, trees, and even strawberries, which for me are a luxury, since we don't get blueberries or raspberries on the island either, and I miss baking with them.

    Have a great day!


  16. Hi Ann, I got a good laugh out of the 'naked Rapunzel doll' keep me smiling the through your post. Tell Heather if she ever makes it to CA I will take her to all of my favorite nurseries. Lots of succulents, she can fill up several suitcases. We have a big sale coming up this month in Balboa Park. If I can make it to that sale I will be sure to take a lot of pictures and post them to my blog, maybe you can show them to Heather. As you know I am just now gearing up for the winter garden, but I understand you wanting it to end, you have a large piece of land to take care of. If mine were that large I would want a break too.

    Thanks for the visit.

  17. Carla-
    I have toured balboa park. Many years ago when I graduated from college. What a beautiful treasure it is! And I would love to visit someday. We took our boys to California last year. Anaheim and you know what that means! I would love to see photos!

  18. A lovely spot for plant shopping and I adore your fairy garden.