Monday, October 6, 2014

More October: Helping Hands

Good Morning. We are enjoying a glorious October with sunny, warm, golden days. The leaves are turning ever so slowly, but the countryside is golden with the aging crops in the fields awaiting harvest. The silage corn has been cut; the rest waiting to be combined.

Last weekend the last cutting of baled hay was loaded and stacked in the barn. Without seed heads this time, the hay is rich in protein and the boys are enjoying the fresh hay. This is a rare view of the Garden Spot taken for what we refer to as the Back 40, part of the average that I seldom visit. Lily and I drove the EZ-Go out to watch the crew load up the hay.

Lucy came to spend this weekend while her older sister went to stay with their other grandma, so I had little helper and good company for the weekend.

 When the girls come to stay, they always want to walk downtown to visit the antique stores. Our favorite Blooms and Heirlooms always has wonderful window decorations.

It was also the Ault Food Fest where all of the merchants prepare their special dishes to serve to the public. Of course there is a beer garden, a coffee tent, dancers, and good old fashioned polka music fills the air. We were strolling main street a bit early before all of the festivities got started. Our plan for the day didn't include the Food Fest; instead we were headed to the Big Town to do some serious shopping.

The antique stores are all decked out in their fall finery, offering beautiful treasures for the home. I left my debit card and home--on purpose.

With the Head Gardener still away, it was very nice to have a little helper with the chores. Lucy has lots of practice feeding hens at both grandmas'.

The photo is big fuzzy as I used my iPhone for most of the photos. It is so easy to take along, but sometime the quality isn't the greatest.

Lucy was great help. She shuts the gate to keep the boys in for the night.

At the end of the day grandma's spaghetti gets a thumbs up.

Lucy and I had a wonderful weekend, just the two of us. While I did a few house chores Sunday morning, we put on Celtic music and she found a sunny place to look through one my books on England and Ireland-- a nice way to end the weekend.

I have  done some fall decorating around the house. I do enjoy the warm browns, yellows, and oranges of the fall. I found this quilted piece at the thrift store this summer. I need to finish it out by putting a backing on it and quilting it. 

I really don't know why I tolerate this Mo cat not the tables. He just looks so cute. I had to take his picture before I shooed him off. 

I think I have a quiet week ahead of me. I will work on the dollhouse, hoping to finish it up. I need to update the dollhouse blog. This little house is a ballet studio and I must say it is going to be very pink and very cute. 

Do have a great week yourself. Thanks for dropping in. 


  1. Looks like you and Lucy had a great weekend! Your cat, above, looks like part of the decorations!

  2. I can almost smell the hay in those pictures at the top! And Lucy is a doll.

  3. What a lovely companion to your weekend. Lucy looks like she's enjoying her meal after all the hard work of shopping and helping around the farm. What a sweetheart.

  4. I have always loved it when a grand or two would come for some Grandma bonding time. It looks like you and Lucy kept busy, had fun and a yummy spaghetti dinner with chocolate milk.
    The table topper quilt is pretty and perfect for the season.
    Enjoy the rest of your week Ann.

  5. How lovely to have your grand daughter helping whilst your husband has abandoned you! Love those first shots of the Back 40 - lovely to have such a wonderful space surrounding you. Keep smiling.

  6. What a delight it must be to spent such a lovely day with your granddaughter Ann. What a beautiful girl and a great help!

    Madelief x

  7. How nice to have a grandaughterly weekend together.
    I have taken your address off my comment site but noted it!

  8. Looks like you've had some really lovely Fall weather. Lots of nice decorations too. Its feeling more like Autumn in Ireland now, with colder nights and the leaves falling.

  9. What a wonderful day you two had together. Your granddaughter is so sweet, I love her long, blonde hair. Reminds me of when I was a little girl with long, blonde hair too.

  10. Hi Ann, The Blooms and Heirlooms store looks like my kind of place. :) I just LOVE this time of year -- so much to see and do. Your granddaughter, Lucy, is such a pretty girl -- I love her long blonde hair! She looks like a good helper, too. Children are fun at that age because they seem to really enjoy helping, instead of looking at it as a chore.

    Mo cat is certainly a handsome fellow. ;) I'm glad to hear you're having nice fall weather -- hope you have a great weekend!