Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello Everyone.

My mind just cannot seem to get in a blogger mood. What's up with that?  I always have something to say, but lately I feel like what I write is a repeat of last year. Simply put: The garden is done. The flowers are gone, looking pretty ugly now with their seedy heads which means the work is not done. I need to spend some time cutting back the dead growth. Another day for that, too. The Head Gardener has been in the mountains all month. He comes home on the weekends. This is the last week to hunt the Rocky Mountain big horn ram that he has been in pursuit of all month. So far the rams seems to know that he is lurking in the bushes. In his absence, I have been Head of Everything.

I reported to him yesterday that we had lost another hen. Disappeared. Just disappeared. There is hole underneath the hen house, too small for a hen to escape, but we speculated that a skunk must have taken her. Then last night when I decided to lock them up for the night, which I had not been doing because I don't like to go out at 0'dark:30, I saw her. I knew her by her limp. She hadn't disappeared into thin air or been abducted by a skunk. I just can't count.

Today I had planned on staying home all day, but no. I am about to run out of chicken scratch, so that means a trip to Ft. Collins to get feed which means that I can go to Old Town and do some serious window shopping.

I thought about doing a post on You Can Tell It's Fall When. . .

 . . .You can hear the school kids screaming, laughing, yelling on the near by football field on a brilliant fall day. What a gorgeous sight: school kids, the American flag, spacious skies, amber waves of  grain, and purple mountain majesties.

. . .The last of roses has bloomed.

. . . You switch from flip flops to walking shoes; from shorts to leggings. 

Then you know surely it must be fall.

On another note, has anyone told you that your sidebar jumps or bounces. I have. I googled the problem and found that the malady has several causes: bad html which can be fixed, but it is a real pain to locate or the Followers widget is in the wrong place, moving may help. I have removed my Bronco logo since Jen@ Muddy Boot Dreams alerted me of my problem. I am hoping that the sidebar no longer bounces. Let me know.

Well, I guess I did pull of a post of some sorts. I am off to the feed store: dog chews, horse chow, and chicken scratch. 

The Head Gardener owes me. Big Time. 

Have a fabulous October. Here we will be celebrating birthdays: Great Grandpa will 85, Ellie will be 8, Boone will be 1, and my dear brother, well let's just say he's celebrating. 

Thanks for stopping by. Love your sweet comments.


  1. Your roses still look beautiful Ann! Hope you will get your mood to blog back!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  2. Beautiful roses. Yes, it's definitely fall when I have to wear socks and closed shoes. I do love going barefoot around the house but it's too chilly now. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Ft. Collins.

  3. Glad that your hen has not really disappeared and I do love that picture of the schoolyard with fields of grain and mountains on the background, never seen that before.

  4. Hi Ann
    I like your new header and I'm glad the hen is still there. I've never noticed your sidebar to jump but it could be related to what our computers read I guess.
    After sandals and flip-flops, it kills me to wear socks and shoes again. At least I don't have to keep painting my toenails to look girly. LOL
    Happy October across the miles!

  5. I'm still, mostly, without socks or tights. It's just warm enough here.
    Poor little hen, glad she hadn't disappeared.

  6. Hi Ann! You're funny saying the HG owes you. He better bring home a big-horned sheep, right?
    Argh! I have FINALLY finished all my doctor's appointments. I went to the dentist today. Now, I just have to go the contact class at the eye doctor. I went to school yesterday to help in the library. It's kind of boring shelving books but it was fun to see people.
    We are pulling out everything. The hailstorm really went to town on my nasturtiums. Saturday my pickles will be ready! I hope they're not poison.

  7. Happy Birthday to all of your special family members. We have several Oct birthdays in our family, too. Love your new banner and how cute you are in leggings. I want to buy some this year but not sure yet what tops I can wear with them. I may have to consider that! lol Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. Oh Ann you do make me chuckle - glad you found your hen. I hope you don't make the HG suffer too much when he returns.

  9. Uhm hello. It's also anniversary month momma. You and the head gardener. Ahem, 40 yrs! And mine and James!

  10. Hi Ann, I do love those legging's freeeeezing here. Not really, just cold and damp, officially heater season. It seemed to have turned so fast.

    The side bar is still jiggling for me, it just needs to do some more exercise I think. And because I use Chrome as a browser, I just enlarged it to 110% and it stopped. If you feel up to it, try removing the Lovely blog award, and see if it goes away. If not, then put it back on.


  11. I'm back at work so it's fall. I'm in a mad rush to get all my transplanting/planting/redesigning done asap because another extra cold winter has been forecast by the weather guessers and I want my plants to settle in before they start to freeze. Beautiful roses!

  12. Yes your blog is a "Jumpin joint"! I figured it was on my end. Yes fall arrived and we had to put the furnace on last night. You know, it is hard to figure out what to blog about but, with my blogging friends like you I just like to read what your up to...even if it is chicken feed!