Sunday, February 1, 2015

We Have A Plan

After a long week end of company, the Head Gardener and I are relaxing today. When I finish this post we will have a bit lunch then take Boone for a walk trail along the Cache La Poudre River. One of my commenters last week commented on the name of the river.  If you have read the book Centennial or remember the mini series done in the late '70s or early '80s, you will remember that it tells the history of this part of Colorado, beginning with the dinosaurs, literally. James Michener taught for a short time at my Alma Mater, the University of Northern Colorado, a time when he must have become familiar with the local history and began writing the novel.

As the trappers and fur traders trapped and fished along the Poudre River and traded with Kiowa Indians, they would leave caches of supplies along their trail; thus, some say the river was so named. There is a rich history of mining, trapping, trading, along with Indian lore that are associated with the river. Now, known more for recreational uses, the river hosts fly fishermen and a lot of kayakers, and river raft tours. Today, we will stroll along the banks with heavy coats for it is a bit chilly.None the less, we need to get out.

I put my rendition of Olive Garden's zuppa tuscana in the crock pot: chicken broth, Italian sausage, diced red potatoes, and onions. When we get home I will add the kale, and we will be ready for Super Bowl.

Heather and the boys came for the weekend. With three birthdays that first week right after Christmas, we decided to celebrate the birthdays at the end of the January.

Jacob received a new compound bow from Grandpa, along with instructions to get his hunter's safety card now that he is twelve so that he hunt elk in the fall. Such big smiles from the little boy.  Grandpa took the boys to the archery shop then to get the bow tuned and to get in some target practice. Nathan will inherit  Jacob's compound that he outgrew, but both of the boys need to do pushups to get some arm strength to pull the bows back.

A Dr. Who Tardis

While they were gone, I set about to make Jacob's cake. I baked the cake the day before. He wanted a Dr. Who cake. Now, I don't watch Dr. Who, although I had seen a few episodes years ago. The Doctor is a time traveler. I searched Pinterest for Dr. Who cake inspiration, deciding that the Tardis, an English emergency call box would be the easiest. The cake, made from scratch, came out of an old Martha Stewart Living magazine that I saved because it had some great cake recipes. It was a dense and heavy cake that I baked in loaf pans. Uncertain as to how long it should bake, I didn't bake it quite long enough. It did, however, have good flavor, especially when it was iced with a rich butter cream and cream cheese frosting. The Tardis is supposed to be a deep, dark blue. I bought a navy blue gel but it did not get dark, so I added some black and the a full squeeze bottle of food coloring. Still not dark enough. Oh well. I placed a heavy layer of frosting on one cake then placed the second loaf on top and held them together with skewers cut to the depth of the cake. I covere it first with a crumb coat, then let it chill in the fridge for a bit. I was nervous, wondering if it stand up.

While the crumb coat set, I worke with the fondant to make the windows and the sign, having never used fondant before. I watched a short Youtube video and said, "I can do that." Fondant is very easy to work with. I am not an artist, so the cake is not the most professional looking cake, but Jacob loved it. I picked up the Weeping Angel at Barnes and Nobel, a dramatic addition to the cake.

I used sparkler candles that really didn't sparkle much. Still the kids loved them.

I like the results of the low light photography. We turned off all the lights, sang Happy Birthday, then ate cake.

Sweet Lucy was home sick Friday, so she made me this precious Valentine and card. She even sewed the Valentine on the machine.

And Now We Have A Plan

We now have a garden plan posted the refrigerator door.  By the end of the month we will have new baby chicks. I am pretty excited because we are adding an new breed, the Black Cooper Marans (2) that will lay chocolate colored eggs. They will be gorgeous black ladies that will add a lot of interest to the flock. 

Now that the snow is all melted, I am able to see what my plan will be for the early spring: dig out this 
vinca that has taken over the center circle. Looking lush and green now in the photos, it is dormant and brown, so I want to start digging as soon we get a warm day so that I plant more hostas. I am determined now not to let the unwanted plant material in the gardens to ahead of me this year, so I will be out early to get a head start this year. Now, I may have to amend that statement: Weather permitting because it is always the weather that holds us back.

I feel a bit like Froggy, for I am sure that he dreaming of warm, sunny days, tired of the snow and cold, wishing for daffodils and tulips. Soon Froggy. Soon

Drop by Lavender Cottage to see Mosaic Monday, hosted by Judith. There you will find my mosaics along with other pretty cool mosaics.

It'll be fun.

Have you picked your team for Super Bowl? With our Denver Broncos having lost to the Seahawks last year, I am not sure that I can cheer them on, nor am I a Patriots' fan. I may just get my Outlander book out and read. Or make more valentines. Or clean. Or do laundry. 

Have a wonderful week. 


  1. You certainly have been busy. Your garden plan sounds fabulous.

  2. The tardis cake is a fabulous idea. Your 12-year-old grandson looks pleased as punch with the bow. I haven't even begun to think about gardening yet, although if the weather turns sunny I might get out there and dig some manure we spread on the garden beds last fall into the dirt. Vinca is a hard plant to get rid of. I keep pulling it up and have to be diligent or the roots will spread faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

  3. what a nice picture, the stones and the frog....

  4. Your story about Jacob's birthday cake is fun reading, despite the troubles it looks nice and I'm sure it tasted sweet and nice. Good of you to make a garden plan and with a great variety of tomatoes. I'm looking forward to your new chickens and then that froggy, he is definitely searching the sky for sun, like me and you.

  5. Your grandson must have been very happy with his Doctor Who cake! :)
    I loved the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor but not so much the current one.
    Have a great week!

  6. Oh my, when the boys become men - congrats to your grandson who will be able to join the fall hunt.
    The cake turned out pretty good and I've used many of Martha's recipes over the years, a nice surprise for the birthday boy.
    I for one want to see a photo of the new chickens and their chocolate eggs please!
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Ann.

  7. Happy Birthday to your Jacob..I am sure he loves the new bow and the cake is awesome... I am looking forward to seeing spring flowers...If only the snow would stop.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  8. I am dreaming of my garden too....wonderful to see your plans and I will have to try that soup!

  9. It doesn't matter what color of's the fact that you made it delicious, and homemade, a great memory to keep for when they grow up.

    Seriously chocolate colored eggs? I'm in egg heaven then....please show us when they start to lay.


  10. I was returning to Denver from Seattle on Sunday and of course my Washington family wanted the Seahawks to win so I did, too!
    I should do a bit of garden planning! More snow tomorrow. Stay warm!

  11. In the UK we prefer brown eggs and you never see white ones for sale. I used to keep Maran hens too. Nice to see you have a garden plan it will be good to see how everything works out. Me, I think my brain is frozen, I haven't made any plans yet. Love the cake, well done.