Monday, April 6, 2015

Dancing with Spring

Monday Mosaics (be sure to pop over to Judith's Lavender Cottage) will pretty much sum up the week's activities, for it was a busy one, while hopes for a quiet week are fading. Most exciting this week, a visit with an childhood chum tomorrow. I am so excited to catch up then forge a new, lasting friendship.

Wednesday we will be emptying out the kitchen cupboards in preparation for a new granite counter top, under counter lighting, and a new tile back splash. The counter top will be installed Thursday with the plumber, electrician, and tile layer to follow. The kitchen will be out of order for a few days, so I suppose I should do some meal planning.

Spring continues her April dance. Last week we had a skiff snow along with rain that began the greening of the landscape. Wanting to take advantage of the spring moisture, the Head Gardener applied the weed and feed to both the front pasture and the lawn the day before. We seeded the pasture last year with new grass that seemed to grow slowly. Hopefully this year we will see more grass. It will be a month or more before the horses get to graze in the front pasture. The neighbors keep asking us where they are.

Right now the lawn still looks pretty brown. The irrigation pumps have been turned on, so unless we get more rain, the sprinkler system will take over.

Onions and Garlic: Planted

Three rows of onions: Red, White, and Yellow.

We planted onions and garlic late yesterday after all of the Easter Day activities, sunrise service at 6:30 with kids followed with lunch and an Easter Egg hunt in the yard.
 We have 3 varieties of garlic, so it will be interesting to see what sort of garlic harvest we have. 

The last 3 little hens were moved from the office brooder to the makeshift pen in the coop. Two young ladies are trying out their wings, which means that more permanent accommodations are necessary. 

I spent time brushing POP while he ate his supper. What a shaggy pony he is. I don't know if it his bred, POA, age or if he has Cushing's disease that makes him grow lots of hair or he just needs to keep warm in the winter. I'll keep brushing him out every few days then when it warm I'll have have him shaved for summer.

I picked a rather large handful of daffodils last week as the weather reports predicted freezing temperatures, snow and rain. We had little of any of it. I love my daffodils and enjoy looking at them in the otherwise dull landscape this time of year. Rather than watch them whither and freeze, I brought some in. 

They looked so pretty on the table for Easter dinner.

I took my parting shot last Friday on the iPhone of the Eastern Red Buds at the University of Northern Colorado, my Alma Mater, celebrating its 125th year. Established in 1889 as the State Normal School, in 1911 it was renamed Colorado State College, from which I graduated in 1970 mid- year in March with a BA in English and Speech, certified to teach high school English and Speech.  April 30th of that year just weeks after I graduated, the college became a university: The University of Northern Colorado. Always known for its school of Education, the university now has a world renown school of performing arts, business, and many other other degrees. A small university of around 11-12,000 students annually, it is located in quiet, peaceful Greeley where students from all over the world come to earn their 4 year degrees and advanced degrees as well. 
In 1989 I returned to the university to earn my Masters in English literature, returning again in 1994 to teach college composition and finally retiring in 2013. Now on Fridays I end my week tutoring for two hours in the Writing Center, helping students conquer their writing problems. I owe much to UNC. Happy Anniversary. 

My own Red Bud is waking slowly. I check her each day to make sure that she lives, and she does. Soon, hopefully, I can post a glorious photo of her.

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Here's hoping for rain and sunshine in your week. 


  1. Your daffodils are beautiful! And I love the pony, it does have a lot of hair. The redbuds are pretty, I hope to see ours blooming soon. Have a happy week ahead!

  2. I love the pretty yellow, too and the redbuds are beautiful. You've accomplished a lot in your life and I know you are proud of yourself. Enjoy a nice week my friend. I hope you have some warmth to make those seeds come up! Hugs, Diane

  3. There is certainly a lot of work to do in a garden (and on a farm) at this time of year. Lots of beauty, too. The redbuds and daffodils do brighten up duller days. Your daffodil photos are really gorgeous. Enjoy catching up with your friend!

  4. Love your early gardening, so much fun to watch it start growing. Love love love the daffodils - mine should open any minute now. Cute, but very fuzzy, pony.

  5. The blossoms are already glorious here! Yay! Pops really got a good brushing! Good job!
    Your garden is BIG, Ann! I admire you for all your ambitious plans!

  6. Lovely Spring post. You certainly do have a large garden and I see you also have animals. Do you have a farm full of animals or just the horses and chickens? I know it takes a lot of work, especially brushing your horse, mucking the stall and collecting eggs. Your daffodils look so bright and happy and the spring buds at your alma mater bring a nice touch of colour. Visiting you from Mosaic Monday and I hope to visit you again some time.

  7. So nice to get a fresh new countertop in your kitchen Ann. Your garden has started to grow too, so nice the horses can graze in the front yard in the near future. You have a large vegetable patch, it will keep the headgardener busy until harvesting, then it's your turn to make delicious meals from own garden.
    The redbuds in front of the University are already flowering pretty. I have one of the same size in my garden but not yet in bloom.
    Wish you nice week in the kitchen and the garden!

  8. Wow, Ann your head gardener looks very professional! And your vegetable plot will provide enough for all the neighbourhood and more, I think. We have to-day our first day of warm sunshine, not the usual rain, cold and icy wind and the forecast looks very promising. Will fertilize all the roses and clematis but there is so much more to do, as you know. Hey, those wee hens have grown a lot! Mine are now laying every day and it is big fun to collect all the colours of eggs. I am so pleased with the marans, they are gentle birds. Still waiting for my new range cooker btw. Have a great week.

  9. Busy times at your place Ann. We plant our garlic in the fall and harvest in late summer - when is your harvest if you're planting in spring? Poor Pop is really shedding but I'll bet he looks pretty spiffy after being shaved for the summer.
    It was a good idea to save the daffodils from frost and they made your Easter table look lovely. I had a big container of primulas for my centrepiece.
    I hope your kitchen reno goes smoothly, I know what it's like to not have the use of things during this time.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  10. I hope to be planting onions soon...garlic went in this past fall...and we are just waking up to spring....lots of work but what wonderful treats in food and flowers.

  11. Hi Ann, I've been away from blogging for about two weeks, and I'm trying to catch up on visiting everyone. You always have a lot going on in your life; it must be so interesting to live on a farm. The hens are so cute, and so is Pop. :-D Your daffodil pictures are beautiful!! I love the way they're backlit by the sunlight. I hope your redbud blooms for you soon; you'll really enjoy the beautiful, delicate blossoms. We have so many around here, and they're a feast for the eyes every spring.

    Happy Belated Easter, Ann, and have a great week!



  12. Lovely photos of spring in the garden! I'm looking forward to those days here, too..snowed some last night! Hopped over from the Over 40 Bloggers group...

  13. I loved reading about your fulfilling lifestyle! It's so heartwarming to see a working plat of land with happy, well cared for animals living side by side with people who respect the bounty of nature! Beautifully described!

  14. I had to chuckle at your pony's hair. Honestly I think I got that much out of my white dog the other day! She sheds like mad !

  15. That is definitely one shaggy pony. Spring does lead us on a merry dance, but each day seems to bring new surprises. xo Laura

  16. Your landscape around the house is pretty much at the same stage as we are right now....but planting garlic? For us that might be a bit daring...but then again your soil is much dryer then mine right now.

    We had a good old fashioned rain....wishing one for you also.