Monday, August 17, 2015

What Happened?

Good morning. I have never had this happen before. I as trying to add my link to Lavender Cottage Monday's Mosaics, on the new lap top. The mouse pad froze, so I restarted and when I went to find the new post, it had disappeared. Bayou and ElizavethD had left comments which I read. I have no idea as to what happened. Has this sort of thing happened to you? The post was there, then it wasn't.

I can't possibly rewrite it this morning, so I will simply post the mosaic of our shopping trip to our favorite private nursery that specializes in alpine plants and minis. I'll work on the post later today.

Be sure to hop over to Lavender Cottage for the wonderful mosaics. 

PS. Check out Ann's Dollhouse Dreams to see my latest projects. 

Thanks for visiting. (Can you tell that I am really bummed?)


  1. Oh no, that sounds really annoying! I hope you can still find your post! I have had some minor problems with Blogger in these days, but nothing as serious.
    At least you have had a lovely shopping trip.
    I will visit Dollhouse Dreams again another day, when I'll be calmer. Your items and photos are so lovely that I start to feel I must have a dollhouse... :)
    Stay well!

  2. I read your post this morning and it was very long so I thought to comment on it this evening. Here I am and your post has gone....... That is really annoying for you, all that work, hope you still can find it. It was such a funny and interesting post about all your different hens and the two angry roosters. And not to forget your lucky find in the thrift store, that wonderful doll.
    Wish you lots of success searching your blogpost and on the university comfortable on your new walking shoes (you see I still remember a lot of what I read this morning).

  3. Oh, nooo! Just when I said how much effort and time you had put in to make this nice and interesting post! Very very odd - I do understand all your frustration.

  4. I had all of my text in a post and was ready to plug in the photos when my post said an error occurred. It sure is hard to start over. I'm glad you posted your beautiful mosaic and I'm going to visit your dollhouse...if I can squeeze in! Sweet hugs, Diane