Saturday, January 23, 2016


My daughter, Tree Hugger Heather (her self described job description), shared with me that she gave her friend an adult coloring book. Silent for a moment before I ventured a comment, I finally asked if she didn't mean a coloring book for grownups? We began laughing, unable to resist wondering what an adult coloring book might contain and then quickly changing the subject. As a student of language for most of my life, I seldom miss an opportunity to scrutinize how people use and misuse language, even correcting them often, especially my daughters, neither of whom are English majors.

In the dark evenings of winter with pitiful television programs, crochet projects gone wrong, and a book I have set aside missing, I found my own self coloring in the coloring books that I have for the granddaughter, but really how many times can you color Cinderella's ball gown or a dwarf or goofy looking Disney horse?

So I moved up. Bought myself one of those grown up coloring books at the super market. Tedious. All those teeny, tiny little circles and triangles and swoops to fill in. I gave up. The book wasn't a total waste since it did have some nice flower images that I enjoyed coloring. I then searched the web, looking for flowers to color.

We are all going through anxiety waiting for spring to arrive, so let me share with you my Grownup Coloring pages found on Super Coloring website. I've had fun printing my own pages then using a handful of colored pencils to entertain myself, creating pretty spring flowers then getting them prepared to share.


Last week's post on my cameras seemed to resonate with others who seeming have taken the same journey as I. We would all agree that the age of technology has given us so much more freedom to enjoy our photography and endless ways to share our pictures. What fun we have. I left the last post with the question about how we use technology to put the final touches on our photographs to fix their imperfections and to get them ready to use or place on the blog.

The daffodils show the final product of editing, disguising the not quite so in focus photo on the right.

How do you edit your photos, make your mosaics, or fix less than great photos?

Here's what I do.

I placed each page on the refrigerator and used my iPad to photograph them because I wanted to use Waterlogue on them to turn them into framed water colored art.

Color Bloom effect
No effect

Once I got my Waterlogue image, I Apple's Air Drop feature that allows me move the iPad photos through the air from one Apple device to another, in this case from my iPad to my laptop. The images go into iPhoto.   From there Picasa recognizes the images, automatically importing them. I cropped the photos on the iPad then made a quick mosaic using another app, Photo Collage and added a nice frame in that app.

Picasa, a free Google program, has pretty much replaced my Photoshop program that I have my desktop computer. I now regret spending the money on Photoshop Elements II because I jut have not been able to master it. I love the point and click ease of Picasa and the apps. 

Vibrant effect of Waterlogue for a softer look
Color Bloom effect on Waterlogue emboldens the color

I think I like the columbines the best. The Rocky Mountain columbine is our state flower. They grow in abundance here at the Garden Spot in abundance, freely seeding themselves both the wild color as well as other varieties. I had fun coloring them, enjoying the pretty pastels colors, but I really like the water color effect.

In Picasa I made the mosaic and added a frame to dress up the collage.

There is a wide range of apps and programs, such as Pic Monkey that I know many of you use. I have played around with the free app, but haven't purchased the full program yet. Regardless of which program you use, editing photos is fun and easy, taking us to places we never dreamed of years ago.

Such fun, isn't it on a winter's day to play.

In reality we aren't having much fun because the house is without water. Thursday we noticed that the water pressure was very low in the kitchen sink. Since it has been so cold, frozen water pipes are quite a possibility. The Head Gardener began checking the outside water faucets on the outside of the house and out at the barn. He checked the water meter which is on the far east boundary of the property across the hayfield out by the back alley. The little needle on the water meter was spinning, so he shut off the water, called the city, and called our plumber, but first we have to find the leak. There is a company that will come find the leak for us--at a price, of course, and they are booked up until Monday morning. With the warming of the weather, frozen pipes are thawing. We are not alone. Nor has the HG been able find the leak. In the morning when he feeds the livestock, he turns on the water at the meter, I shower, clean up, do dishes, gather water for the rest of the day and he waters the horses and hens. And the same again at night. We are fine, but we are reminded that how much we take for granted our modern conviencences such as running water, electrical power, abundant food, shelter. A comfortable life. I can't help but think of those poor folks in Flint, Michigan and am thankful. 

After being under the weather since Christmas with a sinus infection and the bad weather, I hadn't been out for days, so today with the temperature above 50 degrees F, I went for a walk, ending up downtown window shopping the antique shops. You can tell which ones are Bronco fans Tomorrow Denver Broncos play the New York Patriots for conference championship and the trip to Super Bowl. Payton Manning VS Tom Brady. It will be exciting. Nerve wracking. 

Puddles of water, frozen, icy snow, and sunshine on Main Street

Froggie and Fairy Girl in the front courtyard pond side looking like they are they ready for spring to arrive. They have had a cold winter, but there is more to come. I'll do some coloring, try to work out my crochet dilemma, find my book or another one, study the garden catalogs that are arriving, make garden plans, and dream. 

And clean out another drawer.

Thanks so much for visiting. If you haven't tried a photo editing app and have the tools, find a free one to get you started. 


  1. Wonderful post. I really enjoyed the trip through your editing process. I use all the same things as you do - and many more - except I have nothing "I" - so I don't have the watercolor feature - no ipad - no iphone - drat. But I manage to have a lot of fun editing and collaging and framing. Your winter walk looked chilly - poor froggie and fairy. Hope you get the water problem fixed soon - what a pain - but at least your water is clean that you do get. Happy weekend.

  2. Gee - I even forget to comment on your coloring book. I like the phrase "grown-up" coloring book much better too. I've considered trying one - but I doubt I would stick with it long enough to be worth the money. I could always print off the coloring pages from the internet. Love your header too. Bye again.

  3. Your editing is too technical for me! I think I am just lazy minded really.
    We do take services such as water and electricity for granted, until suddenly something goes wrong. I hope yours will be mended as soon as possible.

  4. When I edit photos I always use Picasa, it is free and easy, I never tried something else. First time I learned about coloring books for grown ups was last summer. We had friends for dinner and one of them was fond of these coloring books. I was surprised, I don't see myself coloring, but love your columbines.

  5. Hello, I have been reading about the coloring book for adults. I have not seen them yet in the store, but I have not tried too hard to find them yet. I like the Columbines, they are pretty. I have used both Picasa and Picmonkey for my mosaic making and editing. I hope you water problem is fixed soon, we have well water here and I am always afraid something will happen. It is not nice to go without water. I do feel for the people of Flint. Clean ground water is very important. Congrats to the Denver Broncos, I was cheering for Denver to win. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  6. I happened to purchase myself one after reading about them. They are really neat and so many to choose from. I got one also for my shut in sister. Pencils, or coloured markers, the Pentec Watercolour kind, all make it fun. Happy Week~

  7. I used to love colouring in as a child but when I attempted it with a free giveaway I got bored very quickly so can't see what all the fuss is about. It's amazing what you can do with photo editing and I like your aquilegia's best too.

  8. Nice job - beautiful aquilegias! It must be fun! Some of my friends are hooked in coloring. (I'm not sure about the expression :))

  9. Now why didn't we think of adult colouring books and get rich ourselves! lol
    I like the waterlogue app but have to look for a new collage maker for my iPad. I've been using Collage since my trip to Ireland but they now watermark theirs and it can't be cropped off.
    I just did a week long class of looking at Light Room and think I'll stick with iPhoto on my laptop and the free PicMonkey.

  10. Ann, Thanks for sharing your process for mosaics and the easy software. I love some of the effects you used. I hope the water leak is found soon. I loved coloring books when I was a kid so I expect I would enjoy the grown up ones. Sylvia D.

  11. Oh, Ann, I love this post. Such interesting topics:
    -Greetings to your Tree Hugger daughter!
    -The distinction between the terms adult and grown-up. Especially we non-native speakers may easily, and without willing, say something funny or even offensive when not attentive or aware of certain (sub)senses. (Stressing.)
    -Years ago, I enjoyed colouring some images in children's colouring books, but I too would find tedious these ones made for grown-ups, with those tiny little spaces. To relax, I knit.
    -I love the images you coloured, the effects you have used, and especially the columbines. Waterlogue is a great app. I too enjoy using Picasa, only it's not great on collages.
    I hope your water issue will be solved soon. Have a good week!

  12. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your water leak and having been under the weather. I have some coloring pages, but have been so busy as not to get to them. I loved coloring as a child. As to your question, I use iPhoto and free online Picmonkey and Fotor. I am happy the Broncos beat the 'New England' Patriots....being from NY I feel compelled to say they are not one of our NY teams....I really loathe the Patriots...can you tell. :)

    and LivingFromHappiness

  13. It's funny how so many of us are into coloring these days! I bought myself one of those with the tiny little spaces, and I'm really enjoying it. I have no idea what I'll do with all of the pictures eventually, but I guess it's just the process to enjoy.

  14. I love my adult coloring books. Lita gave them to me for Xmas. I started with the game of thrones coloring book. Seems appropriate since I am anxiously awaiting he premier. They are called adult coloring books because they are so much more intricate. They are a great winter time activity for the evening in between book reading. The only problem is, that they don't work very well with a 6 yr old still in the house. Because he wants in on the activity. He only sees that it is a coloring book. He doesn't see that it is momma's stress relief. And I just can't tell him no on this. They are super fun. And the gardening ones are great for gardeners during the winter months when we can't do anything!

  15. Aha...another fellow colorer! Your pictures are beautiful and I really like the effects you created on Picasa. I use it as well along with picmonkey. I wouldn't know the first thing about Photo Shop. Did you use the Waterlougue app on your iphone? I don't have smart phone but am always looking for a similar app that can be found online. Beautiful mosaics!