Sunday, January 10, 2016

Shred This; File That

There is always so much to do in January. I have started the year determined to get rid of excess, so I am going through every drawer, closet, box, and container to get rid of the unnecessary, unused, and the I forgot where I put it stuff.

 I am throwing way old electronics and technology: cords, floppy disks, cassettes, and devices. I am donating the usable and giving the girls a chance to claim their childhood items. I want only what we use with regularity on the selves and our most treasured items.

When my father-in law-died, I searched all of the usual places for the CD that I had made of him for his 80th birthday to show at his memorial, but I could not find it. I found it yesterday along with other Cd's that hold priceless photos. Now I know where they
are--for the moment.

I started my purging rampage in the office, nearly wearing out the shredder by clearing out a lot of excess paper work that we don't need to keep, so that I can start collecting this year's stash of important documents. Two things struck me as I sorted piles of Important Papers to File,  Don't Know if I Need to Keep this Paper, Papers the HG Needs to Deal With, Papers to Throw Away, and Documents to Shred:
  •  First, the amount of useless documentation that Medicare generates for my monthly reports on my health status.whether or not I have had a doctor's appointment that month. The home owners/ auto insurance is just as much of a nuisance. I have tried to go paperless with some of the bill senders, but I haven't make it all the way yet. Then I'd have to spend the same amount of time cleaning up the email. 

  • Next, I became annoyed at the fact that I have to shred anything that has our names on it for fear that someone might go through our trash. What a pure waste of time. 

Today I will pack up the Christmas village.  (If the spirit moves me) I am hauling all of the Christmas stuff downstairs where I will sort and purge in the next few weeks. 

We will be getting new flooring this spring, starting with the kitchen in a few weeks. While replacing the kitchen flooring will be a project, it will be a piece of cake compared to the rest of the rooms on the main floor when it comes time to replacing the carpet because all of the furniture will have to moved, so I am clearing clutter to make those projects a little easier.

What else is a girl to do on a snowy day? And we have had plenty. Though the sun shines, it has been very cold. We did reach 40 this week, so some melting took place, but we had more snow on top of old snow. The HG spent an hour with the tractor to clear our driveway and the neighbor's driveway.  With all of the snow and ice melted on the asphalt, I went out to shot some photos for this week's post and Mosaic Monday. Looking south down our road, the landscape sparkles white, catching sunlight that adds a million little prisms.

The snow fall began Christmas Day with temperatures falling to near 0 F. Our neighbor Robb cleared the driveways after the first snow. We love our neighbors. Thank you, Robb. Of course men love to run their equipment. Big boys with big toys.

We had more snow again this week. Now it was the HG's turn to remove snow. He used his tractor to scoop and push. Once the snow is removed from the black top when the sun warms it, what is left will melt.

The pasture sparkles in the late afternoon sun. I tried to catch the dazzle, but didn't. Not even a rabbit track in the snow. I am left wondering if that has anything to do with the big hawk I saw the other day in the neighbor's wind-break? I know. Hawks have to eat, too.

I am always surprised at how Mother Nature piles the snow on even the delicate branches of the Korean Lilac in the court year?

 Thus Monday' mosaic:

I finally removed the glass top to the coffee table on the patio before next snow came. It an inch of ice on. Now it looks a bit like stained glass window, only all white. I rather like it.

There's too much snow to take down the Christmas decorations. Besides they look very pretty and natural in the snow. I love the way the snow has piled up on the angel's halo, but she keeps playing her heavily music anyway.

I'll be linking with Judith for Mosaic Monday. Join us.

Have a great week. 


  1. That's a girl Ann, we'll purge together this year. How do things get so out of control? My worst place is the basement but I hope to have it fully cleaned out by spring.
    You have a lot of snow and it looks light and fluffy piled on the branches and table.
    I rather like the colourful balls on the tree and think they should stay out until spring.

  2. Beautiful snow photos Ann. January and February always are the best months to tidy up paperwork and clean the house, so that when spring arrives we can go out.

  3. Great snow photos - and great job clearing out. Did you know that you can get your medicare reports online - google it and then sign up - we did and the paperwork is all in the computer without even having to scan it. Good luck.

  4. Dear Ann
    How lovely your winter wonderland looks - so clean bright and beautiful. I know the feeling of wanting a good clear out at the beginning of a new year - you will feel so much better when it is all finished. Have a lovely week and don't wear yourself out with all the de-cluttering

  5. I would love a white scene like that instead of everlasting rain. Good for you doing decluttering!

  6. I admire your efforts to purge, Ann. I dare not go into our office---the minute I toss something my husband asks for it. I try to make files to organize his various works in. Myself, my office is the kitchen! But I hear you on cleaning the drawers and closets, I need to do that and this month is perfect. We haven't gotten much snow here in Chicago but we were hit with a terrible's 7 degrees right now. Brrrrr...staying in the next few days.

    Love your snow pictures...beautiful! :)

    Jane x

  7. The snow is so very pretty. It does brighten up the landscape, doesn't it? I went through my fabric and pattern stash this afternoon and threw away/donated 3 bags and a box. Feels good.
    My husband takes care of the paper work and he did a big batch of shredding a month or so ago. Keeping up with clutter is a constant task.

  8. Hello Ann, it seems odd that we have not had any yet in Maryland. But, I will not complain. I love your snowy angel, images and mosaics. De-cluttering is something hubby and I have been doing. It is nice to find something that has gone missing for a while. Thanks for the Sumac id, I would love to see the lazuli bunting. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  9. I envy your energy! I had to do just the same - to fengshui my home. But my husband is a packrat, so what to do!!! I'm so helpless.

    You have a beautiful snowy winter there!

  10. I envy your snow, Ann! The temperatures here are around -15 Fahrenheit and we have less snow than you have. Your snow photos are wonderful. I too would love to share the dazzle of snow with my readers, but it seldom happens.
    As to decluttering, I should be doing what you are doing. The work is so immense I need to do it gradually.
    Love your Christmas ornaments. Have a happy week!

  11. Beautiful snow....we are expected to get a big storm finally. We had about 3 inches so far this little snow. And I seem to purge and clear, clean in winter too. Last year I went through so much...this winter, we finish the basement, the frig and freezers and I am purging loads of photos from years ago. I have about 50, least 10,000 need to go.

    and LivingFromHappiness

  12. Ann, Good for you to start the decluttering process. Doing the floors is good motivation. I love the coffee table stained glass look. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  13. Good start to the new year. Love your photos, the snow on branches is an extra treasure.

  14. We went through a serious purge this summer when we downsized in a big way - from a 2000+ home to a 700+ sq foot home. My, what a lot of work it was. I do purge and go through papers as well in the new year as we get ready for all the accounting efforts for the IRS, sigh! Enjoyed your lovely pictures of the snow... so beautiful, and your collage pictures are especially beautiful! Have a blessed and wonderful day :)

  15. The purging sounds wonderful and you inspire me! I keep working at bits and pieces but there is so much more. It looks like you are having a real winter. I so enjoyed and appreciated your comment on my letter writing post. Thank you!

  16. I need new carpeting, too, but have put it off for the same reason that you have stated. We have to move everything out! I guess it'll wait 'til Spring again! Your photos are beautiful. I need a new good camera and probably some lessons to make mine as good as yours!

  17. I spent the better part of November shredding old paperwork, and purging closets etc. It feels so liberating.
    So far this winter we have been snow-free, I love looking at yours, so fluffy and clean.
    How well I remember those Colorado snows, knee deep before Halloween comes around :)
    Stay warm.