Monday, February 8, 2016

Too Early

I am slow to get around this week; slow with the post, too. It was a pretty busy week. Elinore spent Friday night with us so that she could go to Denver with us Saturday. We dropped the Head Gardner off at the north end of town for an all day meeting then we picked up Heather and cousin Nathan at the other end of town and spend the day shopping, having lunch, and good time. It was a great day. At the end of the day, the HG wiggled in a stop at the Big Sportsman's store to make some exchanges.

While grandpa made his exchanges, Elinore and I checked out the aquarium with giant Colorado native fish. She has her own fish tale to tell about the huge mountain trout that she caught last year. She took grandpa down the lure aisle to show him her favorite lure that the big fish swallowed. Daddy released the big guy, lure and all. She especially loved the wildlife display with the native wildlife mounts on display.

Can you tell which team she rooted for Super Bowl? That's our girl.

We are bleeding orange here this morning. Did you watch Super Bowl?  Besides being a great game, for us it was an emotional one. As team manager, John Elway, held the trophy, he held it high, proclaiming, "This one is for Pat." The team's owner Pat Bowlen is struggling with alzheimer's disease and probably doesn't even know that his team won. For you Payton Manning fans, it was a tremendous victory for him. Of course there is plenty of speculation that he will retire now, but he's not saying.

The team had such an embarrassing Super Bowl loss two years ago to the Seattle Sea Hawks, that this time around they were once again the underdogs, but Elway was determined to build a winning team. In the end he reunited his former back up quarter back Gary Kubiack and former coach Wade Phillips, which turned out to be a winning combination. At the beginning of the season the team was 7-0, then Manning began to fail, losing 3 games in a row. The backup quarter back did a tremendous job while Manning was benched to heal sore ribs and a torn planter's facia in the foot. He was then demoted to  backup quarterback. It looked pretty bleak for him. But he was steadfast, worked hard to recover from his injuries and to regain his strength. Mid-game week 17 the back up quarter back was having really rough time, so quite by surprise Manning was put back in to lead the team to a win and the rest of the season is quite a story.

I really am not that much of a sports fanatic, but I do admire extraordinary athletes who do serve as inspiration through their fine character, strong work ethics, and religious inspirations. Payton Manning has demonstrated great leadership of his team, always giving them all the credit for not only his success, but the entire team's success. It was good story.

From my bathroom window, I see the lilacs where I first discovered that new buds are already forming, so I had to out to have a closer look, and sure enough the lilacs are setting early buds. Oh I can't wait for them to bloom, but I am wondering just how this can be since it has been so cold all winter.  I looked for other signs of spring. It seems that the holly hocks are also making an early appearance with new growth safely sheltered under last year's growth.

It does seem so early for there to be spots of green in the garden.

Take a look, though, at this morning's weather report. The weather guy also showed next week's warming trend prediction called it a "mid-winter warming trend," indicating that winter really isn't over until it's over. 

It is, then, a wee bit too early to be looking for signs of Spring, 
though she keeps dropping hints.

Valentine's Day for me rates right up there with Christmas.

 I made this little house for my dear friend. She is always giving sweet little gifts, so I made her little Valentine house with an electronic candle.

And here is my Valentine to You: a lovely bouquet of carnations. I couldn't resist them last week at the supermarket. I was more inclined to buy some spring tulips, but they looked pretty ratty then I spied these lovely carnations. 

Carnations bring back sweet childhood memories when we lived in the country on a farm. Beyond the pasture, across the graveled road was a green house, several, in fact where they grew carnations commercially. My mom sometimes worked for them, helping cut the flowers to  fill orders. Their carnations sported huge heads, smelling like strong cinnamon. The green house was always warn. misty, and quiet. I liked getting lost in the aisles amid the raised beds with a forest of beautiful flowers over head. What a great flower. 

For you dear friends, I hope you have fruitful, busy week with lots of good things happening.

Now I have laundry to fold.


  1. Lovely bouquet! And congrats to the Broncos! I am not a sports is getting warm there. here we are still in those cold temps altho the snow melted.

    and LivingFromHappiness

  2. Beautiful carnations. I love their scent.
    We are suffering from Storm Imogen here with very high winds.

  3. Your weather is about the same as we're having in Florida right now, on the cool side but at least sunny every day. I've heard we had tulips up a few inches at home and think some buds may have formed on shrubs and trees too.
    The little Valentine house is adorable, your friend will love it.
    Carnations are my favourite fresh cut for a vase, they last a long time and do smell nice!

  4. Pretty flowers :) Congrats on the Bronco's win.

  5. Your little buds are so sweet and encouraging! With snow coming down and our current temp 25, I have little hope to see anything living outside my window.

    I don't like football but watched the Superbowl and blogged to be in the same room as hubs. Love the halftime show.

    Enjoy your good weather!


  6. Your day temperatures are higher than we have but we don´t have such low night temperatures. I´m not a great sportclub fan too, I think about like you, your are following the Broncos I´m following Feyenoord when they are playing well(haha) and speedskating. I love the oldfahsioned big carnations, it remembers me to my grandfather a very long time ago. For his birthday he always got a bunch of red carnations, and then he wore the whole day a red carnation in his buttonhole. I have tried several times to grow them in my greenhouse with changing success.

  7. Beautiful flowers and the mosaic is lovely. There are signs of spring around here, too, but we could still have some cold weather. I don't follow any sports at all.

  8. I love that sweet Valentine house. And I'm happy that your Broncos won. We enjoyed the game....even though we were rooting for the other team. lol Your temps look like ours this week! We think 50s and 60s is cool here...too cool! lol Sweet hugs, Diane

  9. Hello, I was rooting for Denver to win. I am so happy they did, just in case it was Manning's last game. Your little house and bouquet are so pretty. It is colder here and we had more snow yesterday. I would love to have those temps of 50's & 60's here right now. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  10. Lovely photos, Ann! You seem to have t-shirt weather already! :)
    The little house is really pretty (oh, I love the red details, buttons and flowers, but wasn't there terribly much work with the fence?) and your pink collage is lovely.
    Happy Valentine's day!

  11. The time spent with your granddaughter sounds lovely Ann. Your Valentines house looks really sweet!

    Happy Valentine's day to you as well!

    Madelief x

  12. What a sweet little valentine cottage with the picket fence. A wonderful gift for your friend and your mosaic is clever too. Enjoy your "warm" weather!

  13. The little paper house is delightful - hope you enjoy Valentines day. Betty

  14. Happy Valentine's Day, Ann!
    Yes, yay for the Broncos! Everyone is so happy for them!

  15. I'm so glad it's an early Spring! We did see geese flying back north yesterday. So it must be definite! It's all 70s here in Texas this week. And I'm so happy about being able to spend time outside!
    My next project will be a Blythe dollhouse(or any 12" doll. I'm writing a how to book. It will be a very simple design. Easy to follow instructions for beginners. I'm making all the accessories and furniture right now. It seems to help me get my vision for the house. Can't wait to see your garden this Spring!