Sunday, March 6, 2016

Take Me to My Happy Place

The week has been quiet, cool, windy. The tax information has been delivered to the accountant--always a big sigh of relief when that chore is accomplished. Now we begin to turn our attention to the chores that need to be done as Spring makes her arrival.

Earlier in the week Jen scheduled a play date with Pop. She was working on a secret project one morning when I texted--no response---Face-Timed---no response. What's up with that? Later she responded to show me her secret project.

She and two of her girls arrived Saturday to play with Pop. Lucy was dropped off at the roller skating rink for birthday party. Mom felt a bit guilty leaving her there alone when all of other parents stayed. I questioned, "You mean parents stay for birthday parties? What happened to the days when kids were dropped off at the party to have a good time on their own?" Boy, times have changed. She explained to me that especially at the girls' charter school the students come from all over the area, so they are not neighborhood kids where everyone knows everyone else, so the parents don't feel comfortable just dropping kids off at someone's house anymore. I get it. I still argued that it was good for Lucy to have an opportunity to develop a sense of independence.

Here at the Garden Spot, Jen's main chore was to give the horses their worm medicine. It is an oral paste that they seem to accept without too much complaint, though Sun Dance, melodramatic as he is, made horrible faces as he struggled to get the stuff down. At least he didn't spit it out on the ground.

Pop then got glammed up. He really wasn't too impressed with his make-over. Nor did he really seem to enjoy the play date all that much, either until it was reward time with food.

As you can see, the secret project was to create a unicorn horn for Pop. Does he look thrilled at the idea? Lily and her pink cowboy boots, ready to ride. Pop is 27 this spring. We think he is beginning to show his age. 

Ellie always dresses up to go riding. A skirt? Really Elinore? And Pop still wearing his winter coat looks pretty shaggy.

Pop shows how he feels about all this unicorn business. 

Now, Take Me to My Happy Place

Some Sundays we go out for breakfast and this time year we visit our favorite garden centers. There are always such pretty things to see.

The Head Gardener picks the potatoes and onions that we will plant. With rain expected tomorrow, the garden beds will be nice and moist to plant potatoes, onions, and peas next week.

Ft. Collins Nursery is always our favorite and easy to visit since it is close. There is always so much to see and so much to resist.

These are the indoor plants that I have to resist buying because I want to save my gardening money for perennials and pretty plants in the garden.

At Gulley's, another favorite garden center but a ways to drive to, we pondered this weeping pussy willow then realized that we would have to pass on this one, $180. A bit pricey, but so pretty. The bees were working it over.

Yes, garden centers certainly are my happy place this time of year. In the garden the spring bulbs are forcing their way through the soil and mulch. In the garden centers they look happy, healthy, and tempting. And look at the aquilegia blooming already--indoors.

As each day passes, it gets warmer and we get closer to getting serious out in the garden. I have big plans this year with some serious projects. Getting them done will be another Happy Place.

Where is your Happy Place? I bet I can guess.

Have a wonderful week. Thanks for visiting. 

Make sure to visit, too.


  1. I'm quite jealous at your visit to a garden center! I love them dearly, but I'm holding back purposely. We may be moving soon, so I don't want to waste money on seeds and such if I won't be here to enjoy it. But we should find out for sure this week, and if we get to stay here, the first thing I'm doing is going to the garden center!

  2. Pop and the girls make for sweet photos. I do enjoy garden centers! And stores filled with eclectic things. And libraries and bookstores. Lots of happy places.

  3. What a lovely creative idea - to make your tired old horse into a magical unicorn! The garden centre looks expensive - in the UK weeping willows don't cost so much as this, they are very pretty - I have seen some growing near a river walk here, will take a pic next time I pass.

  4. Hello, I just love the shots of Jen and Pop! Pop is a pretty unicorn, cute capture of the tongue shot. I would hope that the tree for $180 is a big one. My hubby has stopped planting new plants and is just caring for our older plants. These last couple of winters has done a number on all of them. :(
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Pop is the most beautiful unicorn I've ever seen! What darling photos of him and Jen. Just the sweetest. :-)

  6. Haha, my happy place was last week the garden center too. Warm and not wet with the fragrance and colours of spring. The photos of your granddaughters and Pop with the unicorn horn are fabulous, but as far as I can see Pop feels ridiculous as a unicorn.

  7. Pop is adorable! How fun!
    I want to go to the garden center but I fear it's too early for me.
    Snow today? Yikes, right?

  8. I can't wait for our garden centres to open, usually the end of March. Poor Pop; strands of coloured hair and a horn, he doesn't look amused.

  9. Such a beautiful unicorn, even though not very enthusiastic. Lovely photos!
    Garden centres are my Happy Places, even more than the bookshops.
    Have a great week!

  10. Pop looks like such a sweet gentleman! He's beautiful. I love shopping for plants too. My new house has a new challenge- rabbits! I had plenty of rabbits at my last house. But these are something else! They eat everything. Even things rabbits aren't suppose to eat. So far I found 1 perennial African Daisies they don't like besides the usual Easter baskets, lavender, roses... I'm wondering if they would eat Lantena or Verbena. Any thoughts?

  11. What a joy it must be to have your granddaughters around so often. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of a US garden centre. It looks the same as in my part of the world :-)

    Happy weekend ahead!

    Madelief x

  12. Lol...I love that unicorn :)
    I told my husband I couldn't wait to visit the garden center, as soon as I am able to walk again, I feel as if I took that visit today with your beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing .

  13. Love your pic of the unicorn and Jen. I visited one of my garden centers already to get indoor color till the daffodils come up.