Monday, July 31, 2017

Just Peachy

Can you believe that it is now the end of July--tomorrow when you read this it will be a new month. August is, of course, for most children and teachers Back to School, as it was for me for so many years as a teacher. So teachers, too, are winding down their summer. August in northern Colorado is also the month of abundant harvest in the garden as all of our hard work begins to pay off. So far we have enjoyed another rhubarb pie, cucumbers, onions, a green pepper, and raspberries. And peaches. 

One tree fruited this year. We had a late cold spell and freeze that ruined the apricots and apples, but this one little peach tree managed to hang on to its peaches. They were on the verge of almost being ripe when I noticed that birds had already done their taste test and seemed to like what they were tasting, so the granddaughters and I picked the peaches. They are not very large, but they are very sweet and juicy. Now I have to figure out what to do them. I think I will freeze them.

I left four peaches on the trees that the birds had pecked on. Sunday when I went out on the patio I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a western tanager. And indeed it was. You will see in directly in the center of the photo. Not the best photo, the tanager can be recognized by its bright red head, yellow body, and black wings. I was quite excited and lucky to have time to go back into the house to get my camera before it took off. 

Hoping that it would return, I took a seat underneath the nearby pine tree sort of behind the trunk so that I could photograph the mother oriole and her two daughters.

I ended up with quite a nice collection of photos of the mom and her girls.

The orioles were so intent on eating the sweet fruit that I was able to walk right underneath the tree to get this nice closeup. 

And then the bird suddenly took off, leaving the peach tree. I figured that I scared her away until I saw the Head Gardener walking into the house with a jar of grape jelly. I quickly realized where the oriels had gone: to the jelly, obviously their favorite. 

This week is fair week and the granddaughters are participating, so next week I should have county fair adventures to share. Since this is the girls' first year in 4-H, we took them to the Weld Country Fair last week so that they could see what it was all about. But before we hit the fairgrounds, lunch at A&W and ice cream for all--the girls. These are my little peaches.

Funny faces and cows. It is very hard to get a good photo with three silly girls.

This week is the Larimer County fair. Ellie (in the hat) is entering a cake and doing rabbit showmanship. Peter is her rabbit, an old guy who lives in her room. She will be judged on how to handle a rabbit properly and her knowledge of rabbits in general. The trip to the fair last week gave her the opportunity to talk to some rabbit owners who gave her good ideas.

Lucy built a stand for her archery bow with the help of her daddy and she will be entering photos that she took with my DSRL Canon in the open class. 

Lily is too young for 4-H.

In the evenings I continue to work on the dollhouse, so if you like, check out my progress on my other blog, Ann's Dollhouse Dreams. I made this vanity that will give the bathroom in the farmhouse a modern look.

I am so glad that you stopped by. I always enjoy and appreciate your comments. Have a grand week.

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  1. I'm happy you were able to grab those peaches. I love Michigan peaches, we eat them outside or over the sink!

    I so admire those of you who can identify birds. I'm just learning bit by bit now that I have feeders here at the lake. I can watch them forever! I describe them to my neighbor and she provides the names. Great shots, Ann!

    Your granddaughters are precious.

    Enjoy your harvest!


  2. Hi Ann, your post this week is just peachy!
    I can just picture you stalking those birds waiting to get your best shot, I think you did a great job, I'm hopeless at taking bird shots.
    Your three granddaughters are delightful, I wish the two older ones great success at the fair.
    That tiny vanity is just the peachiest thing, too so clever, another example of your patience being rewarded.
    August is Back to School for you but means "vacances" for us here in France. Hope to see you back for more MM memories in September.

  3. Hello, the peaches sound delicious. I would love a peach cobbler, YUM! I see the pretty Western Tananger, they are beautiful birds. I like the Orioles too. Your granddaughters are all beautiful. I would think they are excited about participating with the 4_h fair. I love to see all the critters at the 4-H section of our Maryland state fair. The dollhouse vanity is awesome, you are creative. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. That beautiful bird definitely was out for your last peaches in the tree, you were lucky to capture it on the photos. Your other 'little peaces'on the county fair look great too, they have been grown up quite a lot since I saw them on your blog about 5 years ago.

  5. Ann - with your peaches, you have brought back such great memories! We lived in Florida for a time but traveled back to Ohio to visit family - along the way we always stopped in Georgia for peaches - they are so good just by themselves - juicy - you can't avoid making a mess!!! I LOVE going to the fair - ANY fair - congratulations already to the girls for just being in 4-H - a huge commitment - good luck to them!

  6. Anne, I love the peach tree and bird photos. You did get some nice ones. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  7. You always have such a wide variety of hobbies and interests! A Jill of all trades...