Monday, November 27, 2017

Liquid Silver

We had an unseasonably warm day for end of November, post Thanksgiving when our Colorado weather ought to be raging, according to some. The high 80 miles to the south in Denver broke a record with 81 degrees, the new high for the date. No wonder when some vacation here they decide to move here only to be shocked when Colorado's weather gets it revenge with sub zero temperatures and blowing snow. Tomorrow will be another day with cold weather promised.

Speaking of Denver. We took the grandsons home Wednesday after having them for a few days. Jacob and the Head Gardner spent their quality time deer hunting while little Nathan kept me company. He has become great friends with the little boys next door. While Nathan is the city boy living in the Cup de Sac, John plays hard and rides a kid sized four wheeler. It has been a challenge to keep Nathan off of the machine, but with the permission of his mother and under the supervision of John's mother, Nathan took his first ride.

These machines pose a certain risk, but the main rule is always safety first and with mom's supervision, John gave Nathan good instructions and Nathan had a good time. I hope we didn't get something started. 

We dropped the boys off and headed home at the height of rush hour just as the sun was setting behind the Rocky Mountains. We were on an over pass with a spectacular view of the city skyline and while the orange tinted clouds over the mountains in the western sky were spectacular, I chose to photograph with my iPhone camera the eastern sky above the city, a delicious pale pink and pleasant blue. The photos taken with the live action feature on now look bit blurry and the reflection of the sun is not quite as spectacular, but the colors are pretty.

The glass buildings looked like liquid silver, shimmering in the late evening sun. Denver is growing so fast as illustrated by the number high rise cranes used to stack one floor on top of another. While I am not a city girl, I do enjoy the beauty of the city. 

I've been laid up for the last couple of days with a bum knee. It is feeling better tonight. Tomorrow I am off to the university to tutor. It is the last week of the fall semester. I'll limp my way into the building. The Head Gardner returned to the corn fields of eastern Colorado to help with the last fields of corn and then I do believe he will retire from his second career. 

So. It is quiet here again. Have you begun your Christmas decorating yer?  I put lights and garland on the fence out front Saturday. I decided that this year we would light the place up, having skipped last year, so I decorated the corner of the fence, but the lights are not yet plugged in. I love Christmas lights, but it is a lot of work to hang the lights and the weather has to be warm, too. The HG will have his work cut out when he returns by the end of the week. My Christmas tree won't go up for a couple of weeks yet. I always feel the pressure to get things decorated, but I really don't need to hurry, do I. 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

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  1. Hello, Cute photo of Nathan on the four-wheeler. The ATV's are popular with the kids and adults in my neighborhood too. I love the pretty skies over Denver. I hope your knee is recovering. Decorating should be fun and not stressful. No need to hurry. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  2. It is still quite early for the Christmas decorations, time enough. We usually start decorating here after December 5th. Nathan on that four-wheeler, he must have been excited and he looks very happy as far as I can see...... Wish you all the best with that bum knee!

  3. Ann - I find that pictures in my phone look a lot brighter than they look once I have transferred them to my computer . . . hmmmm . . . the "liquid silver" description - so creative! We are waiting for our daughter to arrive on Sunday, and then we'll do all of our decorating except for the tree - for that we are waiting for our son, who arrives on the 17th. Can't wait!!! Have a recuperating week!

  4. I think taking your time to put up the Christmas decorations is a good idea. No need to feel pressured. The liquid silver description of the buildings in the light is a great one. Hope your knee feels better soon.

  5. Like you I always take my time to decorate the home for Christmas, I like to enjoy each element and prolong the excitement! On Sunday (1st Advent) I'll hang the wreaths on the double front doors and place wreaths with Church candles on the tables in the dining room and sitting room.The Santas will appear suddenly overnight on the 5th to honour St Nicholas quickly followed by the Byers Choice Carolers who seem to spread themselves throughout the house! The trees indoors will go up around the 12th and that will be us ready, we don't decorate outside.


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