Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Elves, Deer, and Dolls

I am up early this morning, starting my day by trying to meet the Mosaic Monday deadline for posting. I had thought to do it last night, but I could hardly stay awake. We had a busy week, still haven't done any major Christmas shopping, that will come in the next few days, I fear. I have started some decorating. Would you like to see?

As long as the weather holds, Lily comes over once a week to 'work' Pop, as the girls riding instructor told her to do. Both Ellie and Lucy have their own horses now. I need to introduce you to the girls--their mares. Since they only have a two stall barn, Pop an Sundance stay here. Lily would love to have Pop at home with her. He is such a good boy, so patient and gentle with the little five year old. He's a good sport to play Elf Pop.

 The President General of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Ann Turner,  has an American Gil doll and chapters all over the country are sending her an outfit for her doll's wardrobe.  Our Overland Trail DAR Chapter will be sending one of the dresses that I made. The dress is the one on the right end. The outfit includes the dress, pantaloons, the apron, bonnet, and black lace up boots. It is indeed a honor. I am not sure where the outfit will be displayed or what will become of it. I had inquired last year about how to go about making the dress, and no one could answer my questions, so I made up four little outfits and took them to a meeting, and one was selected to send to the national president's project. This dress represents the 1870's prairie life of a young woman who would have lived in Colorado as the state was joining the union in July 1876.

The dolls, I jokingly say, are rescues from the thrift store. The one on the left is a Madame Alexander doll with long blond hair and the other one is Target's Our Generation. I love this doll with her freckles. I paid less than three dollars for these dolls that were in great condition. I always have a hard time trying figure out why these beautiful dolls get donated. When I see one I buy it. The last one that I found, I gave away to an age appropriate child. I do enjoy sewing for these little girls and they always reward me with a smile.

I used to set up a little table with my special dolls gathered around having a Christmas tea party, but as the the grand children became toddlers, the dolls were too much of a temptation to play with. I used my mother's antique child's tea set, which I loved to display, but I haven't put the dolls out in years for fear that things would get broken. The children are older now and the dog seems to be leaving things alone, too, so I have brought the dolls out this year. The scene isn't done; this is what I have so far. The table and chairs belonged to my mother-in-law when she was a child. It is one of my favor things. I keep it in the kitchen along with the little child sized cabinet complete with a plastic Barbie tea set. Even my youngest grandson likes to serve tea.

Meet my girls: The one on the left sitting is a thrift store rescue, probably 1950s or '60s, the little doll sitting on the table is a '50s baby doll. The next two are Lee Middle dolls, Little Boy Blue and an little angel, though you cannot see his wings. I had to replace them because the cat chewed one up. The doll in the back is the only doll from my childhood, Susie. The other doll seated was my sister's doll.  The angel is Barbie.

(The iPhone photos are blurring. Sorry)

I purchased this My Size Barbie some time ago. She has always presided as the "mom," but this year she is an angel. I have always wanted to make her an angel, so I purchased wings at Hobby Lobby and made her gown out of a pillow case by making slit in the bottom and arm holes on the sides, and binding them with seam binding and adding Velcro to close the back. Because Barbie gets tossed around and stored in the closet most of the time, her hair is tangled mess, so I washed her hair yesterday using a cheap shampoo/conditioner then lathered it heavily with a cheap conditioner that I had in my bathroom cupboard. Her hair combed out beautifully.

The reindeer at one of the garden centers in Ft. Collins are another Christmas tradition. The girls have quite a story, but I save that for another time. They are, however, old--one is in her twenties. They were both born and raised on a ranch in southern Colorado. They are owned by our neighbor who works at the garden center and they are boarded a the back of the garden center year round. We had hopes that she might bring them here to graze in the pasture, but moving them is very stressful for them.

We didn't put out our Christmas lights last year, but this year we actually enjoyed doing the little chore. The trees are growing and require more lights than what have. I may have to buy more next year. We load up the golf cart with our supplies and begin our work.

The Center Garden gets the Angel and the deer

We light four trees out front--I need to use a better camera.

The corner welcomes guests and I hope puts a smile on travelers.

And that, my friends, is the week that was. The sun is up and it is time to tackle the rest of my day. Thanks so much for stopping by. Join me at Life in Normandy for Mosaic Monday. 


  1. Hello, it is an honor that your outfit will be used for the DAR doll. Cute photos of Lily and Pop! Your outdoor Christmas lights are pretty, I love seeing them at night. When I was young my mother would make outfits for the Barbie dolls. I do not have much shopping to do, we cut back on family presents and my tree is decorated. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  2. You know I love seeing your dolls! And I'm so proud of you that one of your dresses was chosen to send! I love the little old fashioned dresses. I've always wanted to make some and dress all of mine like 'Little House on the Prairie'. Love your twinkly lights! Holiday hugs, Diane PS I'm having a giveaway...hurry over!

  3. We are getting started on our decorating tomorrow - we bought some new burlap-based ribbon that has me really excited. I second Diane's comments about your dresses - with pantaloons and aprons to boot! I immediately thought of Little House on the Prairie - my all-time favorite show as a child!

  4. Thank you so much for getting up early to join in MM this week I wouldn't have wanted to miss seeing your pretty dolls and their wonderful outfits. Congratulations on having one of them chosen to send to the exhibit, what an honour
    Your illuminated trees and decorations are lovely such a great way to begin celebrating the season,love your four legged Elf!

  5. Such cute elves and pretty dolls!
    The outfits are beautiful and, yes, I too started to think of 'Little House on the Prairie'. It was my favourite too.
    I remember your four fir/spruce trees from previous Christmases. :) They are spectacular with the lights.
    Happy weekend, Ann!

  6. Happy December, Ann! Just back from taking over the wee granddaughter from the French grandparents. She is a gem and shall stay until 21st December. Might not have a lot of time for other things then, so sending already my very best wishes over to you. xxx, Anke