Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Happily Returning

 Happy Valentine's Day

Greetings. Yes. I have been neglecting my blog and you. I miss my little community of friends and wish I were more disciplined to do my weekly posts. I will try to be a little more diligent, friends.

It's mid February and we are in the grips of a Colorado winter, thankful for the moisture since the Weather People--those pretty, sweet, smart young women who deliver the grim weather new reports with a smile, outside in the elements, dressed in chic winter coats and faux fur hats--reminded us of the reality of a warm (?) dry winter who remind us that we are officially in a drought, dreaded news for us here in the northern part of the state who hope for green pastures and abundant hay in the summer. Thus we have snow on the ground, not a huge amount, but it is a mere eleven degrees out there with bright sunshine that promises to warm up the day, with more snow in the forecast. We remind each other that it is February; it is winter; and it is Colorado. But enough about the weather. It will change in awhile, anyway. 

My first mosaic pretty much shows what I have been doing: Sewing for the girls, the 18 inch ones. I do enjoy sewing for them because they are are patient with the fittings and always love what I make for them regardless of the color or style or fabric.

The two dolls pictured are Target dolls, Our Generation. Both rescued from the dreadful toy bins at the thrift store. The price of these dolls is climbing. Last year I picked up a couple of Madame Alexander dolls for two to three dollars; the cute little red head was fifteen dollars. You will not find American Girl dolls in a thrift store either. Used, you will find them on eBay and Craig's List. 

If you want to know more about the patterns, email me and I'll be glad to share them with you. The first dress and the American Native dress come from a book of patterns by Joan Hinds. This book has dresses of the decades beginning in 1700 through 1950. The patterns are very easy to sew. They come on a CD and are scaled to print out the perfect size.  The little Edwardian dress pattern comes from a website specializing in doll clothes: Pixie Fair. Click on the link to see the pattern. The site also offers free patterns. You order the pattern then download it and it prints to the correct style. 

I buy most of my fabric at the the thrift store when I see a piece that calls out to me. I am acquiring quite a stash. I am also trying to use up my stash of notions and materials that I have collected over the years. My sister-in-law gave me a piece of doe skin leather that I will make a more authentic American Native dress. For this first one, I used faux suede. It was a very easy pattern to sew. I still have to finish the little moccasins. I've purchased a dark complected Madame Alexander doll on eBay with long black braids as my native doll. She'll be here tomorrow. I can't wait to meet her. 

I also need to catch you up on the equine members of the family. The boys are doing well, sort of. We noticed that Pop, the pony was shying at shadows, stumbling, and not quite sure as to where to go sometimes when he had his UV protective mask on. One day as Jen helped Lily ride, the light caught Pop's left eye just right so that she could see a cloudiness in his eye. The vet confirmed that he is blind in that eye and partially blind in the other eye. She says that blind horses do quite well and with Sundance as his buddy, he gets along very well. In fact, Doc Autumn told us that he has been blind for a very long time and that he probably had the condition long before we got him. He turns 30 this years and still has spunk.

Sundance, the golden boy, has more problems that poor Jen is trying to sort out. Basically he is lame. She has had a chiropractor work on him, put him an arthritis medication for dogs only--but also prescribed for horses--, and now he is on butazoline. Once used in humans for gout and arthritis, it is still used in horses for inflammation. But he has a lameness in the right hind quarter that suggests two problems: sciatica or even a cracked pelvis that will take months to heal. He will a begin around of shots soon to help his joints make lubrication fluid. Jen is heart broken. She had hoped to be able to ride Sundance with her girls this summer.

Ellie and Lucy both have horses now at their house. Ellie's horse has problems, too, that we are trying to figure out. Right now Jen is researching the possibility that Honey might have stomach ulcers. The horse's stomach can be scoped with may or may not locate the ulcer and it is an expensive procedure, so she is trying to figure out how to help the mare get to feeling better.

Horses are big animals and when they get sick or injured, it is often expensive to diagnose and treat their problems. Surprisingly, they are treated with much the same medications as humans are such as omperzole for ulcers, for example. Such treatments for horses are very expensive, so Jen is looking for alternatives, wanting to find homeopathic ways to heal Ellie's mare.

With Spring just around the corner, we are beginning to think ahead to spring gardening. While we have more snow yet to come, with March our heaviest snow month--if you can believe that. 

That that winds up this post. I'm joining Maggie at Life in Normandy for Mosaic Monday. See you there. 

Have a fabulous week. Thanks visiting. 


  1. So glad to see your post, I just posted today first one since Christmas! and yes I miss all my blog friends. Great patience to sew things that small! And oh so ready for Christmas

  2. Lovely to see you today. We too have had snow, but it only lasted for a day, which is normal here.

  3. My goodness - the horses do have some problems - hope all comes out well for them. I do love the doll outfits - so sweet. I never find 18 inch dolls in the thrift stores here. I have a friend in Ohio and she finds huge bags of really neat clothes, also accessories and even dolls in great shape - and for super low prices - like doll furniture - 5 pieces for 12.00 and prices like that. I enjoyed your links - I have that same book - I love her books. Maybe I'll get busy and sew some clothes - soon - I hope.

  4. Hi Ann, so glad you joined me for MM again this week, it's been good catching up with things going on in your world. Sorry to hear about the various equine ailments. Pop, Honey and Sundance are lucky to have you as their carers, fingers crossed that your daughter finds out how to help them.
    The clothes you're making for the dolls in your collection are wonderful, so intricate and detailed I do admire your talent and patience!
    Hope to see you again next week, take care.

  5. I admire anyone who can sew, especially for friends only 18 inches high! Glad you're back - thanks for all the news, except the horse maladies. Yes, the bigger the animal, the more expensive it seems to be. Hope some homeopathic solutions can be found!

  6. I guess we have to take what Mother Nature gives us. A cold, snowy winter was predicted and that it is. I hope this helps with the drought you're having.

    The dolls are so, so cute, and their outfits. I don't sew, I'll admire them from afar. I was never particularly crazy about the American Girl dolls. Overpriced, and sort of an elite bunch of buyers. The books were quite interesting cultural wise.

    I learned a whole bunch about horses here. I didn't know they lived so long--so wish dogs did--and I never thought about the cost of vets and medicine. I pay yearly about $400 per dog (I have 2) just for vaccines, etc. I hope all of the cuties get healthy.

    I'm in a posting slump. I think I need to get disciplined, and then I think it takes the joy out of the whole blogging thing. I know many bloggers who rely on the income, post on certain days. That, too, much be full of pressure. I know my column writing deadlines get my stomach in knots. I'm just telling myself to aim for certain number of times per week/month for blogging, and set aside a specific time and place. NOT in front of the TV!!!!

    Take care,


  7. Hello, I have slowed down my blogging just recently. But, it is a rainy day today so I am catching up with my blogging. We need the rain too, our reservoir is starting to get low. I love the cute dolls and dress, the American Native dress is beautiful. Sending my prayers and get well wishes for all the pretty horses! Have a happy day and weekend!

  8. Hello Ann, good to see you back. Oh dear, so sorry to read about the horses. Our old horse smith always said: who hasn't got a problem in life, should buy a horse. And if he still hasn't a problem then, should get a second one. We have bought our house in Wales and are packing up here. We are off next week for the first time sleeping over there and I am over-excited. Shall try to keep up with you and blogland. Best wishes, hope there are good remedies for all the horse troubles. xxx, Anke

  9. Lovely to see you posting once again, and sharing your beautiful pictures with us.
    Looks like the snow is still falling there, and probably for several more months to come, if I remember the Colorado winters :)
    Deep, soft snow.....
    Your dolls are precious !
    Sorry to read that the horses are poorly, it's always such a worry.
    We had three, but sadly no longer, there was always something going on with them, it's a good job I worked for a veterinarian and was given the care as a job perk :)
    Hopefully, you'll get the diagnosis and they'll be on the mend.

  10. Hello Ann, it was lovely to hear from you!
    The dresses you make are incredibly pretty, I too admire especially the details - and of course the skills you have.
    You write about the equine members of the family... We too feel animals are part of the family and must be cared accordingly. It has become even more expensive than in the past, at least here. I do hope the horses will be well and send big pats especially to Pop.
    We have about 30 inches of snow, so Spring is not around the corner here. :) I hope you will have a good amount of rain. Have a happy week ahead!

  11. Hi Ann! Yes, I'm gearing up for another cold spell. The snow was not as plentiful down here.
    I love it that you make doll clothes. I should but I don't want to. Bad Granny! Yours are so cute!
    Take care and be careful! Love love love!

  12. Many years ago, when my daughter was small, I enjoyed making clothes for her AG dolls, Molly and Addy. At that time, the only patterns available were from AG themselves, and were copies of the clothing they sold. I loved creating these tiny replicas, full of details. And yes, I still have them all.


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