Sunday, January 20, 2019

Walking the Dog

January doesn't have much to offer. I seem to start the year the same, especially now that I am retired, by going on a cleaning binge, which doesn't seem to last long. The house gets stripped bare to put up all of the Christmas decorations and then when it is time to put the decorations away, I leave it pretty bare with out putting out all of the decor that I usually have out the rest of the year. I like the uncluttered, simple look. The mood to decorate came over me this morning, so I dug out my shoe box sized tub with the Valentines in it. Before I was obsessed with the dollhouses, I'd occupy my time with various craft projects, and one year I made Valentines. Using odds and ends of scrapbook paper, button, and spare ribbons I made a Valentine bunting that I drape across the mantle of the fireplace. I put it in place then I went around the house gathering up my favorite red and pink things to put on the mantle to make it look festive for Love.

By noon I had a couple of loads of laundry done and the Valentines were hung and I was ready to go for our walk.

As a child, I liked Valentine's Day. My mom always gave us a bit of chocolate as her gift of love. I liked writing out the valentines for my classmates and loved the Valentine's parties each year that included seeing who gave me a Valentine.

My youngest daughter made this table runner for me. 

One year when the girls were small they enjoyed making Valentines--for grandma.

I even made some cloth hearts. The sugar bowl holds plastic hearts instead of candy, which is too tempting.

I lit the candles too.

Don't look too closely or you will see that they are fake candles, battery operated.

Brody, now ten months old, has been with us for five months. We were told that he was shy and timid, and he is. To make life even more difficult for him, he lived in a dog run until we brought him home. Because he was at a hunting dog training and breeding facility and the trainer decided because of his timidity he wouldn't make a good hunting dog, he was pretty much left alone--we think-- not worth the effort to train. I suspect that he didn't do what was expected of good hunting dog.

So Brody hasn't done a lot of things that dogs his age will have done; he hadn't even been in a house or gone on a walk.

Our favorite walking path is the Poudre trail that runs along the Cache La Poudre River. We park at in the parking lot at dog park and then begin our walk. 

It's a busy trail used by hikers, bikers, and even roller blade-ers, now of whom Brody liked. By the end of the walk, he wasn't barking at bikers anymore. 

I took this distant photo of a nest that I am thinking is great blue heron's for there is supposed to be a rookery along the river. I expected to see more nests, but perhaps we didn't walk far enough.

The weather was great, too mild, actually for this time of year. The snow capped Rocky Mountains always make a spectacular view.

The Canada geese have found a perfect winter refuge. They were busy preening, cleaning, and napping, unconcerned that we were near.

It is just so satisfying to walk along the river and enjoy nature, taking in the fresh air.

It was good day. Brody learned a little more today. It's a big world out there for this young dog to explore. 


The biggest thing that happens in Colorado January is National Western Stock Show. It has been years since I've gone. We used to go every year. So Jennifer and I are taking the girls the rodeo. I'm excited to watch them enjoy the horses and livestock. I'll take pictures to share next week.

Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your  visits. 

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  1. A dog is such a great companion for us humans. I just loved the photos of your walking route, the mountains & the river with birds. Happy MM.

  2. You made your home so romantic Ann with all the Valentine decorations, lovely. I really enjoyed the walk and the scenery, especially the photos of the headgardener with Brody are wonderful. Actually I photographed my garden about 10 days ago and it was really springlike but you would not believe last week we got our first frost and oooh the garden and landscape look almost like your photos. We have really cold nights and may be we can skate this week. So sorry for all my plants, especially the Hellebores, they lay all flat by now.
    Regards, Janneke

  3. Hello, I love your cute Valentine Banner. Lovely decorations. Brody is a beautiful dog, I am sure he is a happy dog living with you and your family. Lovely scenes from your walk. I love the view of the mountains and river. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  4. What a stunning view to the Rocky Mountains, Ann. I enjoyed that shared walk with Brody, thank you for that. He is a lucky boy having been rescued by you. Looking forward to rodeo stories.

  5. Beautiful walk, your pup is so handsome. We always had bird dogs growing up. I love your tablerunner. I don't think I will get mine out, still sorting through all our kitchen stuff since we are updating and I had a flu virus last week and just have not bounced back yet.

  6. Hi Ann! Oh, your doggie is adorable. I'm glad he has a home with you!
    I love all the Valentine goodness!

  7. Nice Valentines decorations. I tend to only decorate for Christmas. - Margy

  8. I enjoyed visiting your home and like the Valentine banner very much. Beautiful landscapes for a walk.

  9. Hmmm,I forgot to log in so when I did my comment disappeared in the box. I apologize for this duplicate if the first showed up. Your valentine theme has inspired me to think about turning our draft of a Christmas card/letter into a Valentine's card/letter. Yup, enough time for us to achieve that.
    Brody is a handsome dog. I'm glad he's with you and is now living a life of a happy dog.

  10. Ann - "love"-ly sentimental post as we head into February and toward Valentine's Day. I always feel the house is barren after Christmas, but I also don't like clutter, so I am trying to find a middle ground with some Valentine's themed decorations - not too much, just some small touches. I love your white pitcher with the branches in it, and the hand-made table runner is gorgeous. As for Brody, I am sure you will have him trained up in no time! Thanks for linking a bit of love to Mosaic Monday!

  11. The walk looks fabulous - each season has something special! Happy week to you my dear.

  12. What a lovely post and I enjoyed seeing your photographs.
    I agree with you, it is just so satisfying to walk along the river, (or lake), and enjoy nature, taking in the fresh air.

    Sorry, I don't do Instagram so will not be able to see your posts there …

    All the best Jan