Sunday, September 15, 2019

In the Light of the Silver Moon

Keeping children busy these days can pose a challenge for some parents with busy schedules and plenty to do, but for my granddaughters, there is always something going on that keeps this grandma busy. Yesterday I was recruited to haul rabbits to a show, so I packed up my night bag and spent Friday night with them since we had an early drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming, an hour away.

Ellie loaded up the four rabbits in the back of my Edge while her mother and sisters loaded up mom's car with all of the gear and lunch.

And we off.

The first show that I went to with Ellie, I nearly froze my toes off, but Saturday warm and a nice breeze blew through the rabbit building, still I kept my jacket on all day.

It was at that show that Jennifer bought a very tiny baby rabbit for Lily.

Rabbits came from all over, some crossing the state lines from Nebraska and Colorado. Rabbit Competition is a big deal. People love their bunnies. People of all ages.

 Not a 4-H sanctioned show, it's sponsored by the Rabbit Association (not the official name)

This year was Lily's first year with her Dutch Black named Midnight.  She knows what she is doing.

Mom made the girls' aprons to protect their clothing from rabbit hair. Simple aprons made out of kitchen towels.

The mosaic edited the first photo showing mom tying Lily's apron on. Next Lily grooms Midnight to get him ready for to show. The rabbits are called by breed and put into show cages. The judge takes the rabbit out of the cage and examines it, commenting as he spreads it out, examines it, making note of its strengths and weaknesses then he hands Lily the tally sheet, declaring Midnight the winner of his class. He was the only Dutch in this class, a fine rabbit none the less. 

And a kind man who posed for a photo. By the end of the show Midnight had won every class that he showed in, four blue ribbons

and a purple food dish.

Ellie's rabbits are dwarf red Rexes, Dawn and Mavrick.  Rare in color, so they always win for their color and coat, but they are not perfect rabbits, in fact the buck has been disqualified for being over weight, so Ellie put them both on diets this summer and an exercise program and they both lost enough weight to be competitive. Now they wait to be judged.

And here are Ellie's show results:

Eldorado is a Hymalian buck, a true champion. He comes from a Rabbitry that won all of the top prizes for the day. He will soon be a father.

Here are some random rabbits that I had to photograph. I love the second one, a lop eared rabbit. Rabbits come in so many shapes, colors, sizes. Which one would I choose, were I too choose?

I don't know.

Back at home, the Head Gardener and I drove out a friend's farm late in the day so that I could photograph the sunset at the irrigation pond. Upon arriving we caught sight of pelicans sleeping late. 

End of day as the sun sinks behind the Rocky Mountains is my favorite time of day as sun casts the last of its light, making the world look warm and golden. I love seeing cattle in the fields.

The alfalfa field has been cut and the corn tassels reflect the sun. Soon the corn cutters will run.

We took Brody. He's still a shy boy, not sure at all of the world around him and he takes his time adjusting to new things.

He's a handsome lad, don't you think?

Soon he relaxes and begins to explore; still on a leash, we don't trust him to let him free.

 He's a bird dog, a German Short Haired Pointer, that is supposed to flush the birds and retrieve them. We don't know if he likes water. Some short hairs don't and for sure he doesn't like loud noise, like gunshots. He may not hunt. That's okay.

Black birds have amazed me since my childhood. I grew up with farm ponds and cat tails and Red winged blackbirds.

The pelicans awake when we startle them and float away on the breeze stirred water.

Yes, we have pelicans in Northern Colorado. Lots of them. Most bodies of water have pelicans. 

Its a quiet sunset tonight. No clouds to absorb  the colors.

In the east the moon begins its journey. Full and silver, mysterious, now being invaded once again by earth man's desire to know what's on the moon. Who cares, I ask?

Back at home with less light, I take one last photo the moon.

It was a full week. 

How was your week?

Thanks for joining me. I'll see you over at Angie's for Mosaic Monday


  1. The bunnies are so cute. Great snaps of the dogs and birds

  2. Hello, Congrats to Lily and Ellie and the bunnies on their wins. They are all adorable bunnies. Brody is a handsome dog. Beautiful moon photos. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead!

  3. Congratulations to all! Just wonderful photos! Thank you!

  4. Some of those bunnies look like velvet! What a neat event and congrats to everyone! I know you enjoyed going. Love all the beautiful sights you've seen this week too!

  5. Beautiful girls and cute rabbits <3 It is great that the kids have hobbies and that they love nature & animals.

  6. Congratulations to your granddaughters on successfully showing their cute rabbits.

  7. Ann - as you know, I had the opportunity to watch my neighbor's granddaughters compete with their goats at the fair. While I certainly have been to my share of fairs, it wasn't until this one that I really understood some of the finer points of the competition, and grasped the significance to the participants! Congrats to the girls and their rabbits. I am sure they have learned a lot from this experience, and the ongoing responsibility of looking after the animals. And I love the "light" in your home photos. Thanks so much for sharing it all with Mosaic Monday!

  8. Congratulations on the wins!

    What a beautiful sunset that is :)

    All the best Jan


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