Sunday, August 14, 2011

Everyone Loves A Mystery

Who has been eating the sunflowers?


And the hollyhocks?

"Not I," said the Flicker. I prefer my sunflower seeds with peanut butter.

"Not I," said the woodpecker, "I prefer gourmet."

 "Not I," said the house finch, "I like thistle."

 "Not I," said Lucy. "Are you kidding, why eat sunflowers when you can eat cookie dough?"

"Not I," said Ellie, "I don't like sunflower seeds."

 "Not I," said Jacob, "but I bet I can find out who did--for a fee."

"Not I," said Nathan (as he robbed the chicken coop).

 "Not I," said Max.

 "Not I," said Granny Bear, 'it's tea time."

 "Nor I," said Raggedy Ann, "I like cake."

 "Not I," said the scared little cotton tail.

 "Not I," said the toad, "strictly bugs for me."

 "Can't you see I'm taking a nap" growled Mo

 "Not I, said Holly, "I'm getting ready for a party."

 "Not I," said the little white hen

 "Not I," said the big fat hen.

 "Not I," said the horse.

 "Really?" smirked the horse.

"Catch me if you can," he laughed

Mystery solved.


  1. That sneaky horse! Boy, you did quite a thorough investigation, didn't you? And you pegged my boys right. Jacob would definitely charge a fee to investigate and I think Nathan is honest, but tries to be sneaky! As usual a great story Mom!!! Love it!

  2. Naughty horse (funny post). Congrats on your blog anniversary and congrats on all your ribbons you won for your veg and flowers, really great. Can't believe the schools are starting up very soon, hope u've got all your jobs accomplished over the summer. P.S. i like the pickling recipe you posted, I will print it and try it. Kelli

  3. Well I hope he loved them.

    As for the grasshoppers that you asked about in your comment? Umm have any chocolate, I have heard that they taste pretty good fried. LOL.

    We don't have them here, so I have little experience.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. Lol! I liked this post. Very entertaining. What a sneaky horse.

  5. Hilarious! I was thinking something rather tall must be the culprit...but didn't think deer would quite be able to behead such a tall flower. Definitely the horse, but somehow, I doubt you'll ever prove it...he seems like a smart one! ;)

  6. EEEEEEEEEEEEK! This post is so funny and so CUTE!

  7. This is the best post I have seen in a long time, from any blog! I had no idea what would be eating those plants.

    To answer your question you left on my blog, I would use the Anaheim chili peppers for chili rellenos or they would be fantastic in salsas. They are also great in the egg casseroles with cheese. YUM! I am getting hungry now.

  8. That was so charming. I loved this post!
    The kids are adorable and the horse looks guilty.

  9. And the book is coming out when? Loved it. Congrats on your year of blogging. Time seems to fly.


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