Monday, May 8, 2017


We have had a long two weeks. I missed my post last week; sometimes we just get too busy, don't we?  I am finally over my cold. It lasted long past its welcome. My next focus centered on preparing a graduation celebration for our college student whom we have nurtured since she was a freshman. Sheyanne graduated Friday night with her Masters of English, so now she is ready to greet the world and find a job. Currently she works as a substitute teacher in an elementary classroom with low functioning special needs children. Of course she is applying for more permanent work, her destined career in some aspect of education. It could be as adjunct faculty at one of the local community colleges or Colorado State (CSU) or even UNC or perhaps a charter school that does not require state licensing. This week's Monday Mosaics tells her story:

For a small Liberal Arts university, UNC (that would be the University of Northern Colorado as opposed to North Carolina), graduated an impressive number of post graduate students  held Friday night while the undergraduate commencement was held Saturday in the outdoor stadium. This commencement was very long, especially the PhD. honors. Saturday the Head Gardner and I spruced up the house and the patio for company, mostly Sheyanne's family and a few of her friends. I cooked brisket which I am always very nervous cooking meat, but this one was exceptional, even if I say so myself. No. I don't have photos. I was just too busy preparing food. The decoration were simple: lilacs picked from the bushes in old porcelain pitchers on the tables with red and white checked table clothes. Nothing fancy. I just wanted a place where she could gather with family friends, eat some good food, and celebrate. Mission accomplished.

I did make a poster for Sheyanne that tells her life's story for the last couple of years as a grad student: A hug from her graduate committee faculty chair, her dancing, her lovely smile, and sleep. We are so very proud of her grand accomplishment and know that she will take the future by storm. I used Picasa to create the collage, saved it on a flash drive then took it to Office Max where it was printed poster size on photographic quality paper. The photo of Shey lost some quality, so if you want to do the same for a special event, you have to make sure that your photos will maintain their quality as the are enlarged.


Here is the planted Russian Hawthorn that the HG planted last week while I was too sick to participate. I was so excited this morning to see that is has greened up and now is in bloom. In the fall the blooms will leave red berries. I am going to love that tree.

We also purchased another North Star Cherry tree, a dwarf tree that produces abundant sour red cherries. You have seen the one on the left in many blog posts. Last year it yielding enough cherries for three pies. We love the tree so much, that we planted the one on the left. 

Today we have severe thunder storm warnings. Does it happen for you? The weather man breaks into the regularly scheduled program to report the impending storm activity, designed to send us into panic. I am not panicking yet. Let it rain. We like rainy days and Mondays. 

This week: catch up. I would like to wash windows inside and outside. Little Lily will spend the night and I have a couple of heaving lifting yard projects that the HG will help me accomplish. I'll write about them next week. 

I hope you are enjoying the lovely spring weather. I sure am. Thanks for joining me. I'll be joining Maggie at Normandy Life for Mosaic Monday.


  1. It's so good when we see young people succeed. She has been fortunate to have your support I'm sure.

  2. It's nice to have a rainy day today. It's raining weeds though, too! I'll have to get my hula hoe going tomorrow.
    You always have lovely work going on at the Garden Spot!

  3. What a great occasion to celebrate with your young friend. I wish her great success in her future plans.
    The Russian Hawthorne sounds like it will be a lovely addition to your garden.

  4. Hello Ann, good to see that you are well recovered. Lovely trees you planted, they will certainly give you loads of joy in future. So great for you all to celebrate this graduation, congratulations! Have a good week, best wishes, Anke

  5. Spring is looking good around your way, happy to see the Hawthorn flourishing and the cherry tee will be a nice addition to your harvest later in the year.
    Congratulations to Shayanne, how proud you must be to have helped her to reach her goals, I'm sure she will go on to make you even more proud in the future.

  6. It really does look beautiful there. I had that 'killer cold' too...and I still have a bit of a dry cough. Congrats to your Graduate...what a proud achievement! Enjoy your week. Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. Your girl looks like she is on top of the world, as she should be. Bravo to both of you! It looks like it was a lovely party. I find myself winding up with zero pics after a party or holiday. I've learned it's much more important to 'Be There'. So, no pics = Great time!!

    It's exciting to see new plants make it. The cherry tree sounds awesome! We planted a weeping Pussy Willow tree at the lake the fall before our damage. It is really doing well despite our not babying it as we normally would.

    I'm glad you are over the cold. It was really wide spread. My father in law was in the hospital and all visitors (of any patient) had to wear masks to prevent bringing in germs.

    I'm doing okay. More good days than tired ones. Yay!!

    Jane x

  8. I've been away from blogging myself for a couple of weeks and here I am catching up. We had thunderstorm warnings with all the rain the last couple of weeks and were even treated to snow once again Sunday morning.
    Our windows are on the 'to do' list so when you finish yours....;-)


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