Sunday, March 1, 2020

Some Bunny Loves You

Good-bye February. You were a brutally cold month. Hello March. Please be gentle with us. As February left us shivering and wishing for Spring, March came in like a lamb this morning--no wind, but March gifted us with a skiff of snow. 

I never know what my one daughter will come up with next. Yesterday it was a photo shoot for the the rabbits. The three granddaughter have show rabbits, so we had a photo session yesterday.

First up was the test, Peter. Peter is an 11 year old Himalayan who arrived with the Easter Bunny when Elinore was just three. Peter is not a show rabbit. He's too old and neutered. He is just a love pet who lives in Ellie's bedroom.

Next up, Midnight, Little Lily's bunny. While Lily is too young for 4-H she does take him to the open shows and while he is generally the only Dutch and places well, he did well with the competition at his last show.

Meet Texico, a red rex, Mom's bunny. She hasn't showed him yet, but he is registered and show quality. His coat is like velvet.

And then the newest baby, Blue. Even though she is very allergic, the middle granddaughter Lucy bought her own rabbit to show. He is known a Blue Rex known as an "otter" because of his white belly. 
 (I really don't know why).

These are Ellie's last two babies of her first litter of babies. Now about six months old and not show quality they are looking for new homes. The boy on the left is a seal point Himalayan while his sister is a lavender because her points are lighter. They are very sweet and very gentle, having been handled since birth. They will make excellent pets for children.

They weren't the most cooperative sometimes.

And Fritz the pup got his portrait taken, too. 

And the horses, but they weren't into getting glamor shots.


Here at the Garden Spot, we are really anxious for Spring to arrive. The pond has finally thawed completely while the fish just hang, waiting to warn up. We really have a mess in the bottom.

The dreary brown landscape is as dry as it looks. Rain would be nice, but I'm sure that there is more snow in our future.

The Head Gardener fired up the rototiller; the garden is ready for a good dressing of compost.

If you look really close, you will see the horses at the far end of the hayfield. They were excited to get out back this morning.

Brody's favorite pass time: heckle the hens. He sneaks up on them and they go running to the henhouse.

The girls survived the winter, all looking fat and sassy, four of them laying eggs, others in the middle of a serious molt.

So there you have it: a quiet weekend at the Garden Spot.

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  1. Ann - that is quite the photo shoot! I am quite familiar with showing rabbits at fairs, but I am not sure that I have seen the professional photo shoot before! Peter and Midnight look quite impressive. Our landscape has varied between snow and mud. Who knows what March will bring? Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday, my friend!

  2. Amazed that so many of the rabbits sat so well for their photo shoot, loved seeing your may varieties. Fritz was a good sport too.

  3. Your bunnies look so cute! I wonder how they model still :)

  4. Hello, what a fun photo shoot. I love all the bunnies, Fritz the dog and the horse. Happy March to you! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  5. Blue Rex looks like velvet! How cute to have a photo shoot and I like that you took pics of her taking pics! You have a talented family for sure! Enjoy your week!

  6. Texico is gorgeous! I've never seen a red tex bunny.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  7. Omgosh how adorable! The bunny shoot....I am sure hard to get them to cooperate. Good hearing from you.

  8. Aww … what an amazing photo shoot.

    All the best Jan

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