Monday, January 11, 2021

Keeping Busy

It's more that it's winter and cold and there's snow on the ground and probably patches of ice here and there that's keeping me home, while I still have to admit that the pandemic has something to do with my limited movement in the outside world. Regardless of why we are staying close to home, we have to keep busy. What has kept you busy these cold, dreary winter days? 

I always pick up my crochet hooks in the winter to keep my hands busy and to make things for the grandkids like these little cloche or beanie hats. I got started early because Nathan explained that he had lost the hat that I made for him last year, so I him another one: black with red, green, and blue stripes along with the fingerless mittens that he really likes. I made several hats for the girls with flowers and matching fingerless mittens, but didn't take photos. There will also be a new baby girl in the family to spoil, so I made her a little sweeter and hat. She's not yet arrived--any moment now--so I still have time sew on the flower. Right now I'm making myself beanie. 


I've started a new dollhouse project, an ambitious one with an addition shown on the left. I picked up this 1998 Dura Craft kit for $40 on Craig's List. Just what I needed--another house. 

I always do a dry fit before I start glueing just to work out the assembling process and to figure out where all of the pieces go. It's very easy to get confused and put pieces in the wrong place.

It's a large house to begin with and adding two more rooms will make it a very spacious house.

I am waiting for new windows to arrive and a door that will connect the addition, which I am thinking will be the kitchen. You will be able follow my progress on the dollhouse blog Ann's Dollhouse Dreams.

As I look out on the snow-covered landscape, I can't help think about the lovely summer flowers. With the pond is covered with ice, it's fun to look back over the summer's photos to remember how pretty the flowers will be come spring and how good it will be to watch the goldfish and the Big Boy koi scoop up a dozen food pellets in on gulp.


The water lilies were spectacular last summer with all three colors blooming at once: the white, yellow, and pink.

And I'm addicted to the pink Echninacia. I must have taken a hundred photos of this one plant.

In June we continue to enjoy the early garden vegetables, growing a (rare) nearly perfect head of leaf lettuce. We made a mistake and grew burp-less cucumbers which turned out to be a very good thing. They were sweet, delicious, straight, and prolific, which made a very tasty salad.

And that was June.

Speaking of Anns' Dollhouse Dreams blog, did you noticed that I inadvertently posted the Garden Spot post over there? Once I figured out my mistake, I just left it. Oh well.

Thanks so much for visiting today. I'll be linking with Angie at Mosaic Monday--for real.

Have a great week, friends. 


  1. I almost want to make a pond just to grow water lilies. That is a pretty echinacea flower. Good cheer to you. :-)

  2. I love the pretty baby things you've made and the new dollhouse of course. That will keep you busy when it's too cold to go outdoors! Enjoy your week!

  3. Ann - I have been quite busy volunteering with an organization that plans events during December, January and early February, as a way of bolstering spirits in the community. It is quite fulfilling. I was very interested to see that you do a dry fit on a dollhouse - I have never built one, but I think that would be quite wise. Your crocheted items are adorable. And the vegies make me quite "hungry" for summer ... thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  4. Hi Ann. Remember me? It has been so long since I have connected with you through your garden blog! Am so glad to see you are still blogging and you are busy making some beautiful crochet items and a nice big dollhouse. Loved your garden pics from last season, too.
    I moved to a smaller property and like you, am keeping in mostly.

  5. Egretta, I am so glad to hear from you. I sent you and email.

  6. Hello Ann - Anyone born into your family does well - crochet arrival pressies and dolls houses both are gorgeous! Stay warm and have fun (as best we can!)
    Wren x

  7. Hello Ann,
    The baby items you made are so cute! My son and DIL are expecting a baby boy in February. It is so exciting, our first grandchild. I love your pond and the pretty waterlilies. The dollhouse is looking big and will be beautiful. We have been staying home mostly, except for a few local walks. Take care, enjoy your week!

  8. Glad to see your enjoying your winter by crocheting. Something I wish I would of had my mother in law taught me. We have less than of a inch of snow this year so far, not to bad of a winter. BUt I want it to snow on my days off so I can sit and watch it!

  9. Ah, so we have crocheting in common! That’s my fallback activity here, although my emphasis is on blankets. I give them as gifts, but I do manage to keep some for myself. My other winter pandemic activities have included piano, cooking, reading, online yoga, and master gardener zooming!

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