Thursday, February 3, 2011

I hope you all will bear with me; I am trying to create a new banner. I am using Picsa , so this is my prototype--my first attempt, but I am off to bed now.


  1. Hi Ann, I was at work all day, so I couldn't get you the link to the "how to" for the banner until now.

    I love this shot, it's got a certainly peaceful tension to it. I know that's most likely a oxymoron,but...

    I went to the tutorials from Coffee Shop, and let me find the link here.....

    Oh remember first to save that backup copy of your blog. I think you can find it in settings or somewhere, I am toooooo tired to think right now.

    Here's the site, and look under tutorials for the ones that refer to making a blog banner, or enlarging your blog banner.

    Best of luck, and if you have difficulties email me again.

    Jen muddybootdreams[at]

  2. good luck, changing layouts can be a daunting task some times. I like your banner, is it a sakura?