Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

Hubby purchased the chicks at Northern Colorado Feeders Supply in Ft. Collins, CO. They are a day old and already have had a busy life: shipped from a hatchery in New Mexico to Ft. Collins, CO, then
traveled to the Garden Spot. He had ordered 10, but not all them arrived, so we have six: two silver laced wyandottes, two brown leghorns, one brown leghorn, and one unplanned choice,  the little white americauna. The other four will be in next week. For now they will live in their little Rubber Maid Brooder in the dining room underneath a heat lamp. So far the 3 cats are pretty much ignoring them. Max, the bird dog, was bit excited when something new came into the house, but the chicks no longer hold interest. Our little grandsons will be here tomorrow night. They will be thrilled. 

Six Little Peeps. Baby chicks are just so cute.

White Americauna

Brown Americauna

Brown Leghorn
Silver Laced Wynandotte

They have settled in nicely, eating, drinking, sleeping--and peeping.


  1. Oh gosh! I'm really tempted to rear them too. I do not have a farm. Will have to figure out something. Maybe under the bed. :)

  2. Oh how beautiful!

    Your Grand babies faces will be a picture...i so want a couple of hens when we move to the coast,i will keep dreaming!
    Love to you Kristina x

  3. They stay tiny for so long!
    Cute and fun! I hope you get lots of eggs later on.

  4. Too cute! I can't wait for my chicks to arrive. I am especially looking forward to the ducklings...heehehe.

  5. The chicks are growing. At a week old they have wing feathers. I am growing accustomed to their little chirps and peeps in the background of the house noise. I will miss that when they get moved to the coop. My daughter's mother-in-law has chickens and added two baby duckings. They are just so cute. Take pictures.! cheers. ann

  6. Oh Ann, they are so cute! Mine are getting their real feathers now but are still less than two weeks old - I can't belive how fast everything happens with them. Enjoy them while their little!