Saturday, March 5, 2011


Saturday dawned sunny and bright but ended dull, gray, and cold. The weather forecast calls for 6 inches of snow Monday. In Colorado March is our wettest month, snow or rain. Our oldest daughter was born on the heals of the worst blizzard in 3 decades, March 27, 1975. We desperately need the moisture. March did come in like a lamb, meaning without wind. The saying goes in like a lamb with no wind  and out like a lion with fierce winds, or vice a versa. Regardless, March is our windy month too. I hate the wind.

The Peeps Have Arrived

The Easter Basket peeps, that is. I found the instructions to make these little pom-pom chicks in Martha Stewart's Living Magazine and made the first ones in 2007 as I recovered from a badly broken ankle. Here is this year's edition. You can find the instructions on Martha They are fun and the kids will love them in their Easter baskets. 

The materials are very simple: a skein of yarn, glass beads for the eyes, a bit of felt for the beak, pipe cleaners for the legs, feathers, and Elmer's. I bought a pom-pom maker at Hobby Lobby. 

The real peeps will be in next week. Can't wait.

Sundance Gets a Pedicure

He stands nice and relaxed, given that he is easily spooked.

Glamor Shot

Hope everyone has good week. Cheers. Ann 

PS My dear friend has appreciated the kind words and sympathies of those who left comments for her mother, Virginia. Thank you for taking a moment to leave kind thoughts.


  1. Sundance is a beauty and that was a glamorous shot. He needs a pedicure? How fortunate. I'm sure he's groomed often too.

  2. I did wonder what type of chicks you were going to house in your hen house there for a sec. Sundance is lovely.

  3. We get the chicks Wednesday. They will have their baby pictures posted by the end of the week.