Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm Back. Spring Semester 2011 is officially over. The students have packed their cars and headed home. The residence halls are empty, the classrooms quiet, and my office is cleaned, the light is out, and the door is closed. I read 75 research papers on everything from banning steroids in horse racing to human trafficking,  to vaccinations for children. I learn so much from these college freshmen. They are an amazing group of young people. Now I have the entire summer to recharge my batteries, languish in the garden, watch the birds, and play in the dirt. Here are a few of my favorite things that helped me get through the last weeks of school.

One of the first travelers to stop by for a few grubs, bugs, and worms: the green tailed towhee. A handsome fellow he is.

Favorite new daffodil

Favorite bush: Pink Flowering Almond

Favorite mini daffodil: Minnows

Granddaughter's Favorite Fairy Friend. 

She's reading her favorite fairy tale

Favorite mini iris. I dug a small clump from the old house before we moved. Third time I have transplanted the little iris that originally came my husband's grandmother's garden. 

Look at the little women now!

Finishing touches on the chicken coop: wire around the bottom to keep Mr. Fox from digging in.

The girls like being outside. It took them a while before they really decided they could go outside. We bribed them with cantaloupe rinds. 

And now it is time to get some serious gardening done.


  1. I love your photos. The first one already caught my attention. The rest made me smile. There is a photo contest going on at Gardening Gone Wild. Since you have the time and also have loads of beautiful photos, you may want to consider checking it out.

    Love your farm.

  2. What a relief, summer vacation! Sounds like you're going to have a busy summer with all your garden & growing plans. Your chicks have really grown too. The towhee is great. Kelli

  3. Hope you have a great Summer in the garden and with your grandchildren. Great photographs.Jackie in Surrey.

  4. Lucky you-I'm enjoying some of the same flowers out here near Fort Morgan. Hope you have thwarted Mr. Fox!

  5. Great to have you back! and to see your garden doing so well too

  6. I'm glad to see you back posting...I've never seen a green tailed towhee before. He's quite handsome for sure. I love your flowers, we are finally starting to get blooms opening here and Jim's been on the tractor tilling the ground for our vegetable garden.

  7. Hooray! Welcome back! Enjoy the vacation, your garden and the chooks look like they're doing so well!

  8. great pictures, greatings from Hamburg/germany