Friday, May 20, 2011

Rainy Days, Chores, Shopping X3.

Today the sun finally broke through. We have had a week of rain, 4 inches or more. The weather lady labeled our winter as a drought. La Nina has had us under her curse. Essentially, La Nina--currents off the coast of Mexico--brought record snow to the Colorado Ski Country,--good for them-- and dry winds to the eastern plains--miserable for us. We had .6 inches of moisture in January and less in the months that followed. May, however, has had enough moisture to make up the deficit--in just a week. So it is soggy around the Garden Spot, but the lawn is emerald green, the hay field will grow lush, and I don't have to water for a few days. Oh. More rain for next week. Then in June, Ma Nature will get grumpy and have hot flashes that will last through September.

The head gardener went fishing for the week-end, so I have to do his chores. No matter. While I am an English professor, I have fuzzy math skills, but this equation works for me: 3 days of fishing X 3 days of chores= 9 days of shopping and dinner out with friends.

Sun Dance answers to his call for breakfast. 

He waits patiently while I figure out how to open the stall door.

 Rolled Oats, Granola, and Hay. 

 The Ladies aren't too sure of Me.

But they come out anyway.

Because the Garden Spot looks like this. . . 

. . .I am doing this.

Hope everyone has a great week-end. I am off to Denver to shop X3! 


  1. You have a beautiful spot. A very big spot with lots of life that both my daughter and I envy.

  2. I LOVE your maths! :D
    Sun Dance is sooooooo gorgeous...

  3. Wow! I like what you are doing, Ann!
    Chickens and a horse? Lucky!
    Yes, I have been waiting for the weather conditions to improve so I can plant a seed or two. I have mountains of papers to grade and it's cramping my style. Two more weeks. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Interesting to hear how the La Nina was affecting you. It's been creating quite a problem here in the PNW. Abnormal cool temps, I think we had nearly 90 days of no sun from Jan - Mar..ok, I exaggerate but it did feel like that. Glad you got some rain! We actually had a few days of sun this week..woohoo!

  5. Do you know about the Lamb Shoppe in Denver? You'd love it for their beautiful yarns and patterns :) XOL

  6. Hahahahaha. Mom, you make me laugh! We have always had this rule with Dad-it was hunting back then. We used to go buy furniture while he was gone. I love it! And you are comical about it too. Great post momma!

  7. Ann it has been a really weird spring for many of us across the country.

    If Michigan gets anymore rain I'm going to need a boat! It has rained three months straight and counting! Because of all this rain, I have had to change my garden plans.

    I like the pretty horse and the chickens, and by the way your knitting is fabulous, I like that color combo.