Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Day in the Park

Yesterday was the hottest day of the summer so far. Probably 95+, yet I met with friends from work whom I haven't seen in more than a month since school ended. We decided to have lunch at Glenmere Park in Greeley, one of Greeley's little treasures, close to the university. Of course I took my camera and my telephoto lens. The photos are fair, a bit over exposed, but it was exciting to see the water fowl and photograph them. I need more practice, admittedly.  
The Pavilion 

Cattle Egret: Sports a bit of orange during mating season 
We are not real sure what this bird is. I saw movement and took a picture. Given the location of the bird in the shade underneath the rocks pecking in the water, I am not surprised that the bird is hard to see, and thus hard to identify. We are thinking some sort of Rail, Clapper which is found more in California or a Virginia Rail, which is more wide spread.
Cattle Egret in flight
Snowy Egret

Snow Egret all fluffed up

Carp in the lily pond
Glenmere Park is home to a variety of wildlife: from the carp in the lily pond, the crayfish, bull frogs I heard one), to dragon flies, a variety of ducks and geese, both wild and domestic, and a large variety of song birds and other water fowl. The egrets are nesting. With binoculars we could see a nest of baby cattle egrets being fed by their parents. The egrets were quite active, flying hither and to collecting food to feed their young. I grew up on two different small farms where dad nurtured wild life. He built lakes and ponds, stocking them with a variety of fish, turtles, and bull frogs (oh the stories I could tell about his adventures catching bullfrogs to bring home). He grew water lilies, having at one the largest collection of water lilies in Denver. Yesterday while I walked with my friends around the pond, dripping in sweat, swatting mosquitos, dying of thirst (forgot water), I returned to a piece of my childhood. It was the best day.


  1. Great photographs of the birds and Carp. I don't think I could cope in that heat and no water!!

    Have a great weekend, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  2. I especially like the cattle egret in flight. I have a Mac with IPhoto, and I've learned that if a photo of mine is underexposed, it's easy to bring it to the correct exposure. Underexposed is not so good. So I always choose to underexpose if I'm having trouble getting the correct exposures in the camera. I don't do much to my photos after the shot, but I will lighten it a little to bring it back to what my eye saw in nature.

  3. I love days like these too, and I like the photo's you took as well. Thanks for sharing, so glad that you had a wonderful day at the park with friends... Very nice.

  4. I would have totally enjoyed having a lunch here. Awesome shots. We are supposed to be in the 90's today...Yesterday was pretty hot here as well. I wouldn't mind it so much but we don't have air in our log cabin here...sigh...

  5. It's always interesting to see what species of birds other bloggers have in their areas.

    That looks like a beautiful park.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. Hi Ann!
    It sounds like a great outing! Our kids went on field trips to a lovely lily garden just a short walk from their school.

  7. The egret in flight is amazing. Thanks for sharing.♥♫

  8. So cool to go around and relax like that, that park looks very fun.

    Heat is turning up here too, not nice

  9. I have actually been to that park. We took our family pictures there last fall. It has beautiful trees.
    Happy Fourth!