Monday, June 6, 2011

If things look a bit different, I have been playing around with the blog tonight. I wanted to create a new blog for a reunion of cousins. We are meeting here at the Garden Spot the end of July to work on family genealogy, so I wanted to create a blog page to show them how we can create a family blog. Not knowing what I was doing, I messed up The Garden Spot blog-- mainly my profile. I guess I needed to rewrite it anyway. We have been quite busy the last few days, so I will catch up on the blog when I get a moment. Right now I am obsessed with this family reunion. You know how that goes: when you get something going on in your mind, you tend to neglect other things. See you soon.


  1. Morning, wow that is something to look forward too. You might find some skeletons in the cupboard though!!My sister in Australia has been trying to find out about our family history, not an easy job as my grandmother was French but born in Algiers. My fathers side is easier but he was one of 8!!

    Hope it goes well for you, there are lots of websites available nowadays, but it will be interesting to see what the cousins know that you don't and vice versa!!

    Jackie in Surrey, UK

  2. Have a fun reunion.

    I'll be having mine in the 3 weeks' time. Siblings are coming to Malaysia from Canada, Australia and Singapore. I guess I would be taking a break from blogging too.