Saturday, November 12, 2011

It has been a busy week, and when I am not busy I am tired. And grading. Always grading. We have only 3 weeks of fall semester left: this coming week, Thanksgiving week, and last week of classes followed by finals week, then a nice winter's break. I will be ready.

Both the girls spent the night last Saturday with the 4 grandchildren (8, 5, 3, 2) and one rather large young pup Bruno, a doberman pincher. For a youngster, he is rather well behaved. Our old dog Max gets along well with other dogs and likes to play, but at 13 he has bad hips and while he can roam the yard and make an effort at chasing the cotton tails, he just isn't up to playing with a big pup, so Bruno spend some time in his crate, whining about it all the while.

Jen's Barbie Doll house was retrieved from storage. The little girls had fun cleaning it up and then it made its way to the basement. I went through a phase as a doll collector rescuing Barbies from Good Will so there is a tub full of old Barbies and all of the doll house accessories that they had fun playing with. Actually, I don't know who had more fun, mom or the girls.

Heather, a certified arborist, brought her chain saw to help dad trim up our broken Russian Olive tree that was badly damaged during our first winter storm. The trained professional gave her father strict instructions on how to handle the chain saw. 

 Safety classes, waders, and chain saw: a dangerous combo?

The trained professional, by the looks on her face, has some concern that dad isn't doing things the way that she recommends.

We were laughing. Who wears waders to climb a tree? 

 The broken branches were finally trimmed away. No accidents. It is doubtful that we will save the tree. 

One  foggy morning I took a picture of the grain elevator across the way. It is on the main highway at the corner of the highways 85 and 14. Virtually abandoned, the ailing building really is an eye sore, but on this morning obscured by the by the fog and with the sun shining through the fog reflecting on the old metal the elevator took on a more ethereal image. I took a dozen photos trying to get just the right image as the fog moved about, and finally cleared away.

Once brimming with agricultural business, the Farr elevator was the center of activity in our small town on the cross roads of a busy intersection, now it is home for too many pigeons and an occasional horned owl.

Finally, several days ago, I noticed that I had lost a follower. It took me several days to figure out who it was. I am sad. I will miss her. She lives in England, so her blog was full of beautiful photos that she took as she and her husband traveled about their home land. She always left the nicest comments. She had hinted at shutting down her blog, which I completely understand how the charm and excitement can wear off and how something that was once fun becomes tedious and burdensome. Blogging requires a lot of to work to cultivate a following and to keep the blog lively and interesting. I know with my own group of followers, several don't post much or at all and some have never commented, but I like my little group of friends who entertain, encourage, and inspire me. I hope that you all hang around for good while longer. I rather like your company. Have a good week.


  1. I think followers come and go a bit, and one is grateful that they read and/or comment, sometimes!
    I've never worked out how to see who has left, though.

  2. How nice to have a trained arborist on staff! Yes, you are right, the fog did improve the view of the old grain elevator. I'm jealous of your holiday break, I work retail, so I get no such break!

  3. Hi! I was here but it took me a while to comment. The specialist does have the look of disapproval in her face. LOL!

    I enjoy coming by and appreciate your visits very much. I don't know how long this blogging thing will last. It's kinda crazy sometimes. I am posting daily on Tropical Nature Photos due to a 30 day challenge...

    The kitty was left behind by a stray cat at my Mom's place. The stray cat has died but the kitten thinks it is at home. I am glad it is keeping my Mom company.

  4. I know what you mean about the grading. It never ends.
    I'm happy that you get a good winter break!
    The Barbie house looks fun!

  5. Dad was making me nervous! I am used to how our guys work Should just pull that tree down! Anyways it was a great weekend. Miss you!

  6. I'm still here - it wasn't me who left :) Those early snow storms can be such a doozy on trees - naughty early snow. Good luck on the grading. Looks like the dollhouse was a blast! XOL

  7. It looks like a great tree, I can see why you're trying to save it. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I took a journal course with Carole of Mess and Madnesss and that's where I learnt to make these journals essentially, there's a link on my right hand bar, hope that helps, she's a great teacher x

  8. *chuckle* well, waders may be the wave of the future. we have been getting record-breaking rainfalls. ;)

  9. I enjoy watching your family events. What fun and adventure you all share together. I'm so glad that no injuries occurred do to your husbands multipurpose waders.

    I have been very busy with my new move and have not found the time to post as often. Although blogging can be a challenge to keep up with...I don't intend to shut mine down anytime soon...because like you, I enjoy the inspiration that I draw from blogging friends like you...